Luna’s best year ever

Purr!  Head rub!  My life is so wonderful!

Luna resting against hand while getting head rubbed

Purr! PURR!!! This has been the best year a cat could ever live!

So many head rubs.  I need a break.

Luna resting head over arm looking back at camera with one eye open

I have been given all the attention my cuteness deserves.

But, you see, I didn’t always have it this good.

Luna resting head over arm looking back at camera with large eyes

Just a year ago, I was staring into the depths of loneliness.  I didn’t know what sort of life I would lead.

There I was, mired in depression.  I was happy for my human parents…


They were getting married and planning the whole wedding themselves.  My Mommy’s relatives from Belarus would be around for two whole weeks.  And Scott was shooting his latest movie while trying to meet a deadline at his day job.  They also had to move, so they were shopping for a new apartment, and a car.  And instead of letting me eat the leftovers from the wedding, they hired a cat sitter and went off on a honeymoon.  I got a postcard.

Alaska bus tour in Yukon view

That’s Alaska?  I’m sure they had fun.  And get this…

The cat sitter tried to sing to me.

Luna resting head over arm looking back at camera

I know, right?  Meow.  Just silly.

Then we moved, and … let’s just say it was a bad idea to hide in the computer desk.

But after that, Scott began telecommuting.

And I had a lot more space at our new digs!

And I got a new cat tree!

Luna on back with eyes wide open close up

I was so happy!

Hey, I don’t look happy enough.  Make me look happier.

Luna and paws held together in hands

Purr!  So happy!

Scott and I always liked to sneak up on each other.  I get all playful and perky when we try to scare each other!

But then Scott started to take it too far.

It was hard to get any sleep, and cats need a lot of sleep.


When was I going to get some sleep…

On top of all that, they had the gall to introduce me to the neighbor’s dog, Tucker!

I had to hide.


I figured I was safe.

But then Scott told me he had some good news.

Luna on top of tree on side looking forward

Meow?  What’s the good news?

Scott showed me.

LittleChomper website screenshot

Scott actually created me my own website!

I was going to get to do a dramatic piano recital as part of the big announcement!

Luna plays dramatic chord on keyboard


Purr!  Total standing O!

Luna on blanket with head against arm and paw tucked near nose

And the fun was just starting!  Scott put me in so many fun stories, where I was a superhero, a gangster, a protector of a baby bird, an alien abductee, and lots more!

Here’s me looking like a gangster!

Luna half in darkness facing camera

You feelin’ lucky?  I didn’t think so.

Scott’s creativity has no bounds!

Luna on back resting against collarbone with paws up

He’s been great with photo-editing, so he can make me…

…look like a kitty in a Victorian-era mystery!

Luna with watson moustache and monocle

He’s also a computer programmer, so he can integrate all sorts of things into my stories.

There was one post where he leveraged cheap labor (using’s “Mechanical Turk” technology) to quickly name hundreds of my pictures.  And used the technology of a company named Versal to create an online class about the Luna.  Did I mention when he bought me a telescope?

Luna looking at vertical telescope

This kitty right here got to see Jupiter!

But it wasn’t only about the blog.

Luna on blanket stretched looking at camera with paws forward

I mean, what does a cat really care about a blog anyway?  Scott was able to come up with fun games for me!

Like the game of treats!

And he would knock down icicles for me!

Sure, Scott had a day job, but I didn’t let that stop me.

Every morning, there I was, waiting for him to wake up and play …

Luna waiting on carpet

And then I’d get him to spill his coffee everywhere.

When he sat down at the computer to work…

Luna interfering with computer use

Purr!  Not going to happen!

Picture trying to work for a whole year like that.

Luna with face tucked between bed and laptop behind mouse

I didn’t make it easy for him, but I’m sure he liked it that way!

Scott wanted me to have the best life possible, so he even took me outside!

Luna in harness in front of purple flowers

It was so pretty out there, and I explored a lot.  But not really my thing.

Especially when I ran across the mean neighbor’s cat.  I hissed a lot.

But then… meow.  This was a sad moment in a kitty’s life.

Luna close up resting chin on floor with one narrow eye lit up and a little of the other

It’s hard to talk about.  I got really sick.

Scott really did everything he could to ensure I would return to my happy furry self, but I was not eating and it was difficult to pee.  He researched everything he could and asked many opinions of many vets.

Scott often let me sleep on him.  It made me feel a little better to be so close to someone who cares so much about me.

Luna laying across torso tucked under chin

He brought me to the vet and I got an antibiotic shot.  I could not let him down.  I wouldn’t make someone I love so much suffer so greatly.  I had to recover.

And I did.

Luna close up resting chin on floor with one mostly open eye lit up and a little of the other

I got the best care any cat could hope for.  I really felt like I was a truly special kitty.

And then… the greatest thing that could ever happen to a cat…

Luna close up resting chin on floor with one eye lit up and a little of the other

Scott published a Luna book.

Check this bad boy out!

Little Chomper book cover

Since when does a cat look that bad ass!  Self-published, on Amazon!

We had catnip to celebrate!

Luna making funny face while on catnip plate

Good times!

But now…

Luna facing camera with face in sunlight and front half of back showing

It’s all coming to an end.

The greatest year a cat has ever lived… will soon be over.

Luna on floor in sunbeam with eyes closed, facing to the side and down

Scott is starting a new job, and he won’t be telecommuting.

He promises to continue my blog, doing my patented top-model kitty photo-shoots on weekends.

Luna on floor in sunbeam with eyes upward and paw tucked

But it won’t be the same.

I will forever remember this past year…

Luna on floor with chin down and face lit up by sun close up

… as the best year a cat could ever live.

Note from the cat daddy:

Luna is such a beautiful, affectionate creature, and more and more, it’s become apparent to me that she is meant to be shared with the world, to add just one more ray of sunlight in people’s lives.  We make too good a team.  I think during my year at home, I set up the foundation for Luna’s lifetime of sharing, and she’s not going anywhere.

I hope you frequent, with over 60 unique, photo-laden ultra-cute Luna stories, and counting.  I invite you to come enjoy my furry little Luna, and my quirky humor.  And with that, I’ll leave you with the most entertaining three seconds a cat can offer.

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  1. Awww… the best recap ever!!!

    (And I just ordered the book. :))

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s always a pleasure to see you on my WordPress feed, and it’s really awesome that we get to see and share the happiness that Luna sends to all the Internet denizens. Kudos and best of luck for the future.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love Luna and your amazing photographs and videos. You are a great team. Thank you for all these beautiful sharings, and yes, dear Scott, Good Luck for your new position and work, but be sure, I would like to see you always, Blessing and Happiness, Love, nia

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You’re a beautifully kitty with a very talented – and funny – dad! I look forward to keeping up with you on weekends, Luna!!

    Liked by 1 person

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