Luna is visited by aliens

Meow.  I’m not coming out until they’re gone.  Are they gone yet?  I’m scared.  You’ll give me a chin rub you say?  Well, okay, I’ll come out.


Purr… Oooo, I like the chin rub.  Yeah, right there…  Purrrrr!!!PURRR!!!


No, no!  NOT THE TICKLE!!!



Sorry, but I said no tickle.  Now hold my butt for a sec as I check to see if they’re still out there.


No, I don’t see them.


I’m so glad they’re gone.  Cats hate aliens you see.  Wait!  No!  They’re back!!!  THAT LIGHT!!! ERRRRRRGH!!


Can’t resist!  Losing consciousness!!!!

And I’m out.


Helloooooo little hooman!


We have taken over this furry entity you call Luna the cat, in order to communicate with you.


You will serve your new masters.  In our original bodies, we are similarly furry but have four eyes, with horns that pop out of our heads.  But first, this creature I possess has an incredible urge to have its chin rubbed more.  You will continue the chin rub as I inform you how your planet will be enslaved.

2014-09-06 15.19.53 HDR

Oh… that feels good.  This hedonistic creature experiences such pleasure.  Our alien race lives such cold, joyless lives.  We will inhabit many of these “Luna the cats”.

Now, to attend to the business at hand.  I will transport down the first of your new leaders.  You will see what we look like, and have the privilege of bowing down before the true visage of your new masters.


Almost complete.  Must activate flux capacitor.  This creature’s appendages are not suitable for knob-shaped controls.  One more switch is required.  *FLIP*



You are hearing our transporter mechanism.  I will observe from this accommodation.  You will learn your new purpose in life, to serve your four eyed masters…





Hello hooman.  This planet appears sufficient.


You will excuse our hideous appearance, hooman.  You will recognize it as superior to your concept of beauty in time.  Do not anger us unless you wish to see our horns.  You exist to serve us.  We will allow you serve as our pets.  The structures in your cities and towns will be our new homes.  All your base are belong to us.  You are a cute pet.  I will adopt this hooman.  Come along, pet.

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  1. This is one of my favorite Luna posts. The photo of her particolored paw is wonderful.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks! I knew I wanted to get a very close picture of Luna’s paw. I didn’t know how I’d use it, but then I imagined the mouth and eyes. Suddenly, I knew what must be done.


  2. OH MY GOD! I’m dying out of cuteness overload! This is too cute >.<
    Oh yes thank you for following my blog ^^


    • Sorry! I totally didn’t mean to overwhelm you like that! I really need to find a way to ease people into the cuteness that is Luna, avoiding such a shock to their system. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for following my blog too! Looking forward to reading your stuff!


  3. No need to apologize hehe I think most cat owners who see pictures of Luna would react the same way ^^ no suggestion, though hehe the cuteness is natural and the way you capture it is amazing. Looking forward for more Luna too! ^^

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  4. Wow, such pictures! Luna, star material, obviously. Funny how you can always tell when photographs are taken with love in the lens. Very nice, and thank you for following me and drawing me to your blog. I hope you will allow me to visit often.


    • Looking forward to reading some of your writing too! Of course you can enjoy my fur-laden stories as much as you wish! But to be honest, Luna only likes the lens when my wife is present too. Many pictures unfortunately have no love at all in the lens though. Normally it’s just me trying to get the right picture of her, and Luna is more apt to yawn and pass out than worrying about striking the right pose. I wait for her to look interesting, then spring into paparazzi mode.


  5. Scott Great post!! I couldn’t share on twitter, You might want to check that out.


  6. Lol, “This planet appears sufficient” is exactly something a cat would say!
    PS: Luna, it wasn’t aliens who came to take you. It was ME, mwahahahahaha!

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  7. I’m not generally a cat person, but Luna is absolutely charming!

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