Death of innocence

*snore* ZZZZZzzzzz…

Luna sleeping under bunny blanket.jpg

Meow?  Someone’s there?

I’m supposed to get to sleep in the dressing room until I’m needed.

Luna peeking out from under bunny blanket.jpg

Go away, be sure to read my contract.

Hey, put me back.  I wanna sleep more.

Luna held in Aliona's arms with paw hanging.jpg

Rrrr?  They do need me?  I’m on?  Why didn’t you say so?

Give me some time to get in the right mindset.

Luna with bunny costume partially on looking out window.jpg

Hiss.  I’ll be ready by the time they call action.  Now go.

Time passes.


Luna on sofa in bunny costume looking a bit up and right.jpg

I am the bunny.  I seek refuge.

Am I to be killed?

Luna on sofa in bunny costume from the side looking at camera.jpg

Am I to be consumed?

The lion’s powerful jaws will not slacken.

Luna in bunny costume between sofa cushions staring at camera.jpg

Its fangs weep only with saliva, and soon my blood.

But if I am to have a purpose, I must challenge this beast.

Luna in bunny costume within toy track overhead view.jpg

These are likely my last moments, but I am not merely a pink bunny.

I am…

Luna in bunny costume within toy track looking forward.jpg

… a warrior.

That’s a good take?  Meow.  I’m going to… umm… get changed.

Luna with bunny ears.jpg

Let me know when you’re ready.

The file cabinet.

Luna observes file cabinet open.jpg

Good, it’s open.

It should still be where I left it.

Luna examining contents of file cabinet drawer.jpg

Let’s get this drawer open.

*sniffs* *peeks*

Luna opening file cabinet drawer.jpg

Purr.  It’s still there.

I gotta make this quick.

Luna taking out bag from file cabinet.jpg

I can’t get through today without my uppers.

Curse these paws.  Give me!

Luna tearing into plastic bag in file cabinet.jpg

Why did my dealer have to use a ziplock?

Finally!  *chomp* *chomp*

Luna looking a bit to right in process of licking nose.jpg

*slurp* This is the good stuff.


Luna in gray plastic bag curled up.jpg

The rush.  I feel it in my whiskers.



Luna peeking over edge of gray bag.jpg

What’s goin’ on?

Hey Bob, are they ready for me?

Luna peeking over edge of gray bag with mouth open.jpg

Yeah?  They’re ready for the lion scene?  Okay Bob, I’ll be right there.

Dahling, you’ll help me get ready, won’t you?

Luna with paws crossed resting head on arm from higher up.jpg

You’ll be a dear and fetch me the lion costume, won’t you?

Are you absolutely positive there are no pants that go with this costume?

Luna with lion hat held in arms.jpg

It’s just the headpiece?

Okay then.  The director awaits.  Bring me back to the set at once!

Rrrrk!  Hiss!  A little gentler next time please?

Luna wearing lion costume on side looking at camera.jpg

My safety is paramount.  Meow!  The director is here!  Skedaddle!


Luna wearing lion costume on white sheet looking slightly to right.jpg

The lion waits and watches.

My predatory eyes spot a pink dot within my territory.  Within my kingdom.

Luna in lion costume on white sheet looking to right.jpg

The bunny has hopped into the broth of its own stew.

Roar.  You are already dead.

Luna wearing Lion costume with paws on edge of stool.jpg

You are caught.

Your fate is entangled within the power of my wild mane.

Luna in lion costume.jpg

I am the gatekeeper to your new existence.

I will guide you from the innocence of the rabbit’s hole, to your new abode, deep within the lion’s den.

Luna wearing lion costume looking to right.jpg

Let my claws pierce your beating heart, drenched in the courage of your warrior spirit.

And a warrior you are, my knight of the round dinner table.

Luna wearing lion costume staring to left.jpg

My pink bunny friend.

Cut?  We’re wrapped for the day?

Luna wearing lion costume looking left tilting her head to her left.jpg

Come get me out of this costume, will you?

I am soooo pooped.

Luna snuggling into brown blanket resting side of head.jpg

Just leave me alone for the next cat year.

Wait, I have to make an appearance tonight?  For a fan club?

Luna on back in blanket looking at camera.jpg

You cleared this with my agent?  Rotten tuna.

And your name is?  Maria?  You’re not going to be silly and try to touch me, are you?

Maria and Luna.jpg

That’s smart of you not to try.  I like smart fans.  Well, it was really good to meet you, Marisa.

Last night was just too much for me.

Luna sleeping in sun with paws separated wide over top of sofa.jpg

I know my fans love me, but, my head feels like a dirty litter box.

Not feeling well.  Just leave me alone.

Downward view of Luna peering into bathtub.jpg

I really should check myself into a clinic.

*gack* *churn* Bleeeeaaaahhhh!!!

Upward view of Luna peering into bathtub.jpg

I can’t keep doing this to myself.

Do they even make mouthwash for cats?

Luna snuggly on blue blanket.jpg

Clear the calendar for today and leave me in peace.  I’m sleeping in.



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  1. Whatever movie will come out of this I’m sure it’ll be #1 at the (Litter) Box Office for a long while.

    P.S. Next time, I’ll ask for a pawtograph.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gorgeous little Luna should check herself into the Meowyo-clinic.Soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. And the winner is… Luna! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So funny! I can’t wait for the movie! hehe

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Luna! Please don’t snooze in plastic bags!! They could be very scary if your people aren’t around to keep an eye on you!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. And the Oscar for best catress goes to ….

    Liked by 1 person

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