Mommy’s Holiday Party

Meow.  Just look at her.  She’s so sad, and not just because I’ve crumpled her paperwork.

Luna on bent papers looking at camera.jpg

Mommy doesn’t have a party to go to for the holidays.  So busy and lonely.

How can I help?  Think!  Think!  Think!

Luna close up with chin and paw on sleeve.jpg

How can a tiny cat ride in and save the day?

Getting sleepy.

Luna lying on shirt sleeve with nose near paw.jpg

So very sleepy.


Luna tucked on brown blanket with feet behind ear.jpg


Must save day!  Mommy needs party!

Luna tucked on brown blanket with feet near right eye close up mostly asleep.jpg

Everything is too high up!

Paws too short!

Luna in corner looking up at camera above closer up.jpg

Cannot reach gift!

Cannot reach cookies!

Luna tucked on brown blanket with feet near right eye close up.jpg

Tiny Luna cannot help Mommy!

No!  It can’t be!  I’m getting tinier!

Luna looking up in corner.jpg

Everything is much too high up!

No!  Help me!

Luna tucked on brown blanket with feet near right eye

Help!  Help!  Meow!  No!


Luna lying on back on brown blanket with one eye peeking out between paws.jpg


It was all just a dream.

Luna on back on brown blanket curled and eyes peeking out from between paws.jpg

But I’m still very tiny.

Hopelessly tiny.

Luna close up peeking out from behind paw.jpg

How could I allow myself to accept Mommy’s cuddles if I cannot even give her the party she wants.

How could I…

Luna extreme close up peeking out from behind paw.jpg

NO!  She squishes me too affectionately for me to abandon her.

There has got to be a way.

Luna on yellow pillow looking up at camera.jpg

I will give her a party if it costs me every whisker on my furry face.


Luna with face mostly in shadow looking down and to right from yellow pillow.jpg

What would Mommy would want in her holiday party?

What do you think?

Luna staring wide eyed directly at camera with mouth open a bit.jpg

Cookies.  She’d want lots of cookies, right?

Maybe a gift too.

Luna staring wide-eyed forward and a bit to the right with nose a bit out of focus.jpg

I can probably find both, but, I’m still too tiny.

Purr!  I got it!

Luna staring wide-eyed up and a bit right with nose out of focus.jpg

I know what to do!  I’ll show her what a tiny cat can do!


Luna looking up through open doorway.jpg

Excuse me, but I need some transportation.


Luna on Scott's back looking to left.jpg


We don’t have much time to spare!

Luna on Scott's back calmly looking at camera.jpg

With this beast of burden, I can now reach great heights.


Luna on Scott's back sniffing to right.jpg

I smell cookies.  Bring me to the cookies at once.


Luna peeking at cookies.jpg

So many cookies.

Smells so good.

Luna sniffing a plate of cookies.jpg

If you thought cats don’t like cookies, you were misinformed.

Pretty good beer too.  But I also need a gift.

Luna looking over a plate of cookies.jpg

The biggest gift she has ever seen.  Where is my loyal steed?

Time’s a wastin’!

Luna on Scott's back looking up and to left.jpg

You best be trotting forward now.  This is Mommy’s party we’re talking about.


Luna on Scott's back looking back toward camera.jpg

Could it be?

Such a massive beast!

Luna on Scott's back looking directly at camera while standing.jpg

This will be perfect.

*HISS!* *ROWR!* *pounce*

I have slain the giant puppy.  This is a badass gift, if I may say so myself.

Luna on dog belly looking to her right side view

No gift is too big for a Mommy who keeps me so warm with her cuddles.

Now, I just need to decorate.

Luna on dog belly facing forward and to the right

One more trip to the florist, man beast!

I hope Mommy likes the cookies, the gift, the decorations, and the company.

Luna waiting for holidays.jpg

I hear her now.  I’ll just wait right here.


Luna being cuddled by Aliona with leg in front of nose.jpg

Happy holidays to you too!

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  1. Very cute!! Great pics 🙂 Happy Holidays!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Adorable! Happy Holidays to Luna and her staff!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I really miss you lovely Luna 🙂 You are so beautiful, so cute and yes you are a real art(cat)ist… amazing photographs. Thank you for your humans. And Happy Holidays, love, nia

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Amazing pics ❤
    Happy, merry Holidays 😀
    That type of transportation…mmmhhh… I know it: it's the camel troops game!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You redefine the art of close-up photography….


  6. Awwwwwww……… I went home for the holidays, took a break from the internet, and missed this. Very belated holiday wishes to Luna and her hooman parents!! Adorable photos as always.

    Liked by 1 person

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