Macro Luna

Meow.  The humans are up to something.

Luna on blue blanket looking forward with wide eyes

I hear clicking.  The humans are playing with their camera again.

What in tarnation are they taking pictures of though?

Luna on blue blanket looking down nose

I can’t see.  Where are my new prescription designer glasses?

That’s better.

Luna wearing red glasses

Cats look sexy in red.

Okay, so where be this lil’ doohickey they’re so hopelessly enamored with?

Luna looking up through glasses

Okay, I think I see something.  It looks dark.  Like a pile of little dark things.

Ohmigosh.  Could it be?

Luna looking over glasses

Treats?  A pile of treats, do I see?

Rotten tuna.  These are not treats.

Luna behind pile of raisins

They smell awful.  Why are you wasting your time taking pictures of…

…raisins?  They’re called raisins?

Pile of raisins macro

They look hideous.  *paw paw*

There, I added some fur to one of your ugly raisins.  Take a picture of that.

Hairy raisin

I’m going back to sleep.

Luna!  You ruined my raisin.  Now you must make it up to us.

Scott eye macro

We will extreme close-ups of your cute nose!

But you will be fairly compensated.  We’ll pay you more money than any cat has ever dreamed of.

One penny.

One cent macro

Meow.  No deal.

Ooooo, look at Luna’s eye!

Aliona eye macro

Scott, I want to take a picture of her eye!

Hiss!! I am not going to let you take close-up pictures of me!  Not even Mommy!


Luna eye macro

Hey!  What did you just do!?

Relax Luna.  It was just one picture.  Here.  Have a treat.

Held treat

Rrrr?  That is really a treat!

Put on tongue please.  AAAAAAAAHHH!!!

Treat on Luna's tongue

Chomp.  Okay, make it quick.

Friggin’ camera.

Luna's nose macro

Are you guys done yet?  What are you brushing me for?

I don’t need to be brushed today!

Cat hair macro

Meow meow.  Very funny.

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  1. Looks like a truly reptilian eye!

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  2. Amazing eye expression ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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