Luna’s new camera

Meow?  Whaddaya want?

Luna wrapped in purple robe squinting at camera

No, you can’t have your robe back.  I’m using it.  I’m cold.

Yes, yes, I know how much you feed me and cuddle me…

Luna wrapped in purple robe looking at camera with large eyes

But them’s the breaks, toots.  You’re just gonna have to work somethin’ else out.

She’s persistent today.  It looks like I’m going to freeze to death after all.

Luna wrapped in purple robe looking forward

Hopefully we can come to some sort of compromise.

Meow.  I’m not sure if this is what I meant.

Luna tucked under arm while Aliona works on computer

Cats are not very good around computers.

I gotta get outta here before that laptop blows sky high.

Luna squinting left while tucked under arm

But what is worth giving up my cozy time for?

Is that what I think it is?

Luna looking left while tucked under arm

I see an ultra-cool thing on the floor.  I NEED it.  I need it now.

Excuse me, Mommy, but I would like to go now.  Rrrrp.

Luna squeezed against cheek with thumb on chin

Yes, yes, I love you too.  Let me go please.

Purr!  So cool!

Luna looking to right with 3D glasses

Never before have I seen the third dimension.

Honestly, until now, I thought you were a pretty shallow person.  Nothing personal.

Luna looking at camera with 3D glasses

So awesome.  I had no idea it was possible to see the world that way.

But you didn’t wear the 3D glasses.  The only thing different for you is that I seem even sillier than I was before.

Luna with black and white dreads from a bit to left

I need to up my game.

Meow.  No more dreads.  Hey Scott, can we use the new camera?

Luna on chair near window looking to right side view

Yeah, that’s what I said.  Yeah, for my blog.  Hold on, I’m coming over.

You got a new camera, right?

Luna next to polar bear pillow looking up with wide eyes

The Sony a7sii?  For your filmmaking?  So you can take some super shots of me, right?

You got some pretty sweet lenses with it too!  Let’s try the 90mm, shall we?

Finally, photos that will do me justice.

Luna next to polar bear pillow looking a bit left with wide eyes very close up

My blog is going to be so awesome.

How am I looking?

Luna looking down from cat tree with very defocused window blinds

Purr!  The internet has never looked this good, I know.

I never had a defocused background before.

Luna looking down with very wide eyes from cat tree with very defocused window blinds

What do you mean, you’re tired?  We just got started.

Fine, fine, enough for today.  My pictures are going to be so good though.

Extreme close up Luna looking up and left

Rest assured, the action shots will look so much better.

Purr… It’s quite a new camera he’ll have.

Luna sleeping on blanket with head tucked against leg



Luna sleeping on blanket with head tucked against leg close up


And now some post-post commentary by the Luna!


Meow all!

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I just wanted to explain that Scott has been busy lately, trying to shoot a movie.  It’s called “The Cheshire Cat“.  I’m a cat too, so I approve.

He did not forget about us!  I’m sure we’ll still have a bunch of crappy iPhone pictures, but we’re gonna see some sweet shots too, when things quiet down, after November 7th.

He technically doesn’t has the new camera yet.  Those “new camera” pics in the blog post were taken using a Canon EDSR.  The Sony arrives on Tuesday.  We’ll try to get some pics online shortly after, but you might have to be patient for a while.

Sorry, we’re working with only so many paws here!

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  1. Awww…… Luna needs her own purple robe. (Or maybe Aliona needs HER own.)

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  2. Such a beautiful cat and so photogenic!!!!!

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