Potato Pancakes

Meow.  I got the remotes right here.  Turn the TV back on.

Luna on back in lap with remote controls on belly and eyes open wide

Donald Trump is funny!  I haven’t laughed so hard all week.

What do you mean, you have to do work?

Luna on back in lap with remote controls on belly with sleepy gaze

No more TV today?

No I don’t want to exercise.

Luna on back on lap while encircled with pilates ring

What is a cat going to do with a pilates ring anyway?

Hey, come back here!

Luna in pilates circle

Rotten tuna, he’s ignoring me.  Now what am I going to do all day?

This is my favorite toy track.  A ball rolls around in it.

Luna sitting in the middle of toy track looking at camera

I don’t like exercise, so a little robot pushes the ball around for me.  It can be fun.

I’ll give it a shot.

Meow.  I think I killed it.

Another dead robot.

Luna in toy track looking forward

They just don’t build them like they used to.

I should go hang out near the window.

Luna in toy track looking left

Maybe the birds will have some funny jokes.

Ah the warm sun.

Luna facing window with eyes closed and nose up

So beautiful.

My sun will always be there for me.

Luna at window squinting while looking out

Wait, I sense a dark spot.

A dark spot in *my* window.

Luna looking toward bright window closer up

Who does that spot think it is?

I’m not a spot.  I’m a spider.

Spider crawling down web behind screen angled

I ain’t buggin’ you.  Just tryin’ to catch some lunch.

Oh good, I get treats when I help kill bugs.

Luna atop cat tree with eyes open facing window looking downward

They’ll squish you and then give me a treat.  Positive reinforcement works for me.

Oh, c’mon, furbag.  You must have something better to do.


Then again, just go ahead and do it.

Spider up close on web behind screen

You’re so cute, and I’m so ugly.  There’s no point to my life.  It just sucks.

Purr.  I am awfully cute.

Luna near window facing camera with one eye showing

Tell you what, spider.  You get me some grub, and I’ll stay quiet.

But I don’t know what you want!

Tough fishies.  If you want to live, you’ll get me food.

Okay, okay.  I know for a fact that your human parents are not working.

Spider crawling down web behind screen

They’re in the kitchen, making potato pancakes.  Just wait till the next bathroom break.

Did the spider just say what I think it did?

Luna near window looking toward camera and nose out of focus

They’re hiding potato pancakes from me?

I was just bluffing, you know.  They usually don’t kill spiders.

Luna looking out bright window

But potato pancakes are super cool.  I owe ya one.

Don’t mention it!

Now I wait.

Luna lounging on sofa with paws tucked looking forward with wide eyes

How long before this bathroom break will happen?

Hopefully it won’t be too long.

Luna lounging on sofa with paws tucked looking up and to left with wide eyes

It’d be nice to eat these before they fill me up with cat food.

I hear something.

Luna lounging on sofa with paws tucked looking a bit right with wide eyes

They’re taking a break.  They’re going outside.

This is it.  A proper plate of potato pancakes.  This could very well be the biggest munchie heist a cat has ever attempted.

Luna lounging on blanket looking back at camera with tail in foreground

Here I go.

Well, I’ll be sat on, it actually is a big pile of flattened potato.

Luna looking over a steamy pile of potato pancakes

I think I’ll start with a small, crispy one.


Luna sniffing pile of potato pancakes with head tilted

This is unbelievably good.

Most humans don’t know that cats love potato pancakes.

Luna looking forward toward pile of potato pancakes

We don’t advertise it, and normally, when humans tell other humans about their cat eating potato pancakes, it ranks right up there with dogs eating homework.

I hear them out chatting with neighbors.

Luna looking forward with head up toward pile of potato pancakes


What do you mean, someone ate your potato pancakes?

Luna in blanket looking at camera with two paws together

There there.  Come in for a hug.  Luna will make it all better.


Luna sleepy with paws stretched out to either side of camera

Purr! Purr!

If you’re hungry, I can open up a can of cat food for ya.

Luna with eyes open and paws stretched to either side of camera looking off to right

Want me to?  They might have potato-flavored.  No?

Well, I offered.  Look, I’m going to get some sleep now.

Luna in blanket with just eyes showing and paw to right

Wake me up when you wanna watch more TV.


Luna in blanket with closed eyes showing and one paw in front off to the right


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  1. Fancy story, funny Luna!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think they may suspect that you had something to do with the disappearing potato pancakes, Luna, but your force field of outrageous cuteness will protect you. Just keep giving them that sweet, innocent look, like a cat who wouldn’t dream of swallowing a canary (or even a pancake).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So she actually ate the whole plate? Naughty Luna, eating their latkes.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. What? No pic of her belly distended to planetary proportions?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. One of my cats goes crazy about muffins and ice cream. Not together, at least, not yet.

    Liked by 1 person

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