Cats 101


Luna on back showing furry belly with leg against computer monitor stretching paw

Time for some schoolin’!

That’s right!

Luna on back showing furry belly near computer monitor

It’s time to see how many of you are really listening out there!

Let me get over to our classroom, in the bathroom, I’ll explain.

Meow!  I love this box, and this heater.

Luna curled in box near bathroom heater with both eyes showing

Anyway, I was playing around with these “interactive quizzes” created by a company named “Versal”, and decided to educate people here!

–> Cats 101 <–

Click on that and our lesson will begin!

Luna curled in box near bathroom heater with one eye showing

I’ll wait right here!  Please come back afterward and let me know what you think!

Note from human:  Versal is a tech startup I’m thinking of working for, so I figured this is a fun way to test out their technology! doesn’t let me embed the lesson unfortunately, so I can only link to it.  And, it doesn’t work on mobile devices, unfortunately.

Another note, from Luna…


I received my very first “Dear Luna!”, from a “G Srikanth”.  He asks “Do you like eating bamboo leaves?”.  I know that wasn’t covered directly in the lesson, but in general, no, I do not.  I have chewed on the end of a Yucca leaf before, which is pretty close, but they’re very poisonous, and I got squirted with a lot of water for doing so.  I’ve not eaten any such leaves since.

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  1. Luna, you should leave comedy to the professionals….

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  2. Luna is so adorbable! I want to hold her soooooo bad. I’m kitty obsessed

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  3. Were there supposed to be slideshows in between the grey arrows?

    Luna is not quite the Khan academy, but it’s a start. After all, Sal Khan has the opposable thumb advantage over Luna.


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