Why’d I get so wide-eyed?

I can’t sleep!!

Luna in keyboard box looking wide-eyed

Why won’t my eyes shut!

I can feel the cool breeze on my eyeballs.

Luna in keyboard box looking wide-eyed close up

I need to get into a bag. My pretty eyes are going to dry out.


Luna wide-eyed with paws tucked in bag

Surely I should be able to sleep in a bag. Cats love to sleep in bags!

Why am I not falling asleep!!!


I can’t stand this!

What could have happened to me?

Luna medium shot on scratching post looking forward wide-eyed

Why was I, a perfectly innocent cat, cursed with such big, uncloseable eyeballs?

I need help.

Luna wide eyed near window looking forward

I can reflect the sun off my eyeballs and get someone’s attention.

Someone! Heeeeellllp meeeee….

Luna sitting on window sill wide eyed

I’m going to have to figure this out myself.

I need to lick the coffee drip tray again. It’s tasty and, umm, it helps me think!

Luna wide-eyed near coffee machine

Slurp! Slurp!

Now let me think. Why can’t I close my eyes? Why can’t I sleep?

Luna with side of head pressed down on blanket and eyes wide

Must close eyes, must close eyes!

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  1. My eyes wouldn’t close last night as my cat decided not to come home until about 2am, when normally we are both tucked up by 11pm (no cat flap so have to physcially open and close door after her)!


    • Keep cat indoors! Cats are very silly when it comes to “wanting to go outside”. I know how cats look at you with those expectant eyes, near the door. But Luna does the same thing in front of closets, and windows. So I open the closet door, and Luna jumps around a little, and then she just stares at me like, “Okay, I jumped around the closet.” Not exactly a life-fulfilling activity. If I open the window for her, she’ll stare out the window, and then jump away. “Thanks for opening the window,” Luna says. It’s the same thing for exploring the neighborhood. They walk around like a little automaton, and then they return. Nothing life-fulfilling. It’s just whether you let them roam there or not. The problem is, in that case, they can get hurt in any number of ways, or just not come home.

      I think humans can simply keep the door closed, and say, “Don’t be silly. A bear might munch on you.” I’d say no cat flap is a good thing 🙂 But I don’t judge, and I don’t even know if I’m wrong. Maybe cats do truly get something out of roaming the neighborhood that makes life much more enjoyable. I’m taking my best guess. Luna stays where it’s warm n’ cozy, except that one time we dumped her in the heap o’ snow which she wanted nothing to do with.


  2. Luna, the world’s most photogenic cat!

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