Luna watches Scott’s scary movie


Crumpled blanket on bed with Luna in it

She’s going to kill me! MEEEOOOOOWWW!!!!

Luna sleeping under blanket with tail near chin

No no… go away.  I don’t want to die!

Meow?  Wha!?

Luna under blanket looking worried to side

It seemed so real!  I thought I had coughed up my last hairball.

It’s because of that movie I watched.  I’m sure of it!

Luna under blanket looking to left observantly

Scott likes making these dark and evil little movies and he forces innocent little me to watch them.

Over, and over, and over.

Luna with arm near chin under blanket

This one was called “Dream State“.  Hey, do you think it’s safe to come out?

Okay, I’ve been sleeping pretty poorly though.  *YAWN*

Luna closeup on blanket sleeping curled up with legs together yawning

So sleepy.

Bring me some coffee.

Luna closeup on blanket sleeping curled up with legs together

Okay, that worked.

Luna on side on gray blanket with one eye open

But I want to get out of bed.

Luna on blanket on side looking with eye with paw near camera

It does not look safe.

Are you sure it’s safe?

Luna on side on gray blanket looking at camera

Okay, let’s go.

It so does not look safe here.  I’m not leaving this bag.

Luna hiding in Godiva bag

Okay, this bag is boring.  I’m going to leave this bag.

But I don’t think it’s safe at all.

Luna in corner with eyes looking upward

How can you be so sure?

We could die at any moment!

Luna in corner looking upward

Did you even see the movie?!

You didn’t?

Luna in corner looking upward with head raised a bit

I see.

Okay, let me explain on the sofa.

Dream State is a movie about lucid dreams.

Luna on blanket with paw out in front and ears back looking left

A man, through his desperation and loneliness, uses lucid dreaming to reconnect with his lost love.

Wait, wait… you do know what a lucid dream is, right?

Luna on blanket with paws tucked to the side and wide eyes facing camera

You say you do, but I just don’t believe anything you say.

I don’t want to hear it.

Luna looking at camera holding foot up

It’s not the last time anyone’s lied to me.  Like that time Scott told me we were going to play with chipmunks and it was really for the veterinarian to put me on a metal table and stick a thermometer up my butt.

I did not appreciate that.

A lucid dream is when you’re dreaming…

Luna on shadowy blanket with eyes lit up and chin on leg

… but you realize you’re dreaming.

You can bed reality to your will.

Shadowy Luna on blanket showing one eye and a little of the other

All your hopes and dreams…

…will come true.

Luna on blanket looking straight at camera casting shadow forward

Everything exists because you allow it to exist.

But there are always two realities…

Luna looking near window with reflection

And you have to live in both.

Can you imagine the heartbreak…

Upwards of Luna looking out window with one eye showing

… of a man that lost his wife, the love of his life?

In a freak accident?

Upward view of Luna near window looking down with one eye showing

She meant the world to him.

He just withdrew from his friends… his life… the world.

Upward view of Luna near window looking out window showing one wide eye

And finally, he was with her again, in a lucid dream.

But he could not live there forever.

He finally found new, real love.

Upward view of Luna near window looking out window with both eyes wide

But soon his lucid dreams…

…turned to waking nightmares!

Luna leaning back staring out the window wide-eyed

It was soooo scary, what I saw!

Get me out of here!  Get me away from this window!

Upwards of Luna looking out window with two big eyes showing

Meow! Meow!  MEEEOOOOWWWWW!!!!!

Phew.  Purrpurrpurr.

Luna sleeping on back on blanket with paw over leg

Wait a sec…

Are you thinking of sticking a thermometer up my butt?

Luna on back on blanket with paw over leg

It ain’t gonna happen.

Let’s stay focused, shall we?

Luna on back on blanket with legs tucked up looking at camera

So I’m sticking the trailer for this movie right here, so you can see it.

I encourage you to have a peek.

Luna on back on blanket with legs tucked up with finger on nose

Okay, now I just don’t trust you at all.

I’m going to need some protection.

Luna on lap under arm near computer

See this?  This here, is a mommy.  All the cool cats have them these days.

I suggest you stop picking on me, and watch the trailer.

And now for Luna’s after-comments!


Thanks for tolerating my latest post!  I’m quite the drama queen.  I’m still a little sore about that thermometer incident too.

But meow!  You’d better believe I’ll keep y’all updated on where Scott’s film might get shown!  It’s being sent out to lots of film festivals!  Especially New York.  His website, Sneaky Ghost Films, will have updates for you too.

Purr!  One more thing!  I got some more “Dear Luna” questions!

Henry asks a couple of questions:

  • Do you like life with Scott (maybe not that snow experience!)?
  • Should I get one of your kind? I’m an animal lover, I currently have a hamster, and I used to have 2 cats, another hamster, and some fish. Do hamsters sound tasty? If I had a cat do you think it would eat the hamster? Would you?

Well Henry, thanks for writing in!  To answer your first question, yes, I like life with Scott, and his wife, very much.  They keep me well-fed, well-hydrated, and feeling very loved and entertained.  On top of that, Scott has been an absolutely stellar personal photographer and PR agent.  Most cats have these, but Scott is always striving to improve and innovate.  He makes me laugh too!

This second question of yours can be answered depending on your personality.  The fact that you had cats before makes me think you know what you’d be getting into.  However, I’d suggest, with your little hamsters, that you get a kitten that has not been taught to eat hamsters.  I don’t know if they’re tasty, and that’s because I’ve never had a mother who let me eat them.  I’ve been fed out of a can from day 1.  Cats are instinctive predators, but they don’t actually know to kill and eat other living creatures unless they’re taught.

But I’m sure you love your hamster, so let’s not play around.  Get a cat that you can bring back if it doesn’t work.  Introduce the cat to the hamster but keep an eye on them.  If they don’t at least behave around each other, then the cat might be best in another home.  Cats aren’t about risk taking.  All our accidents are not on purpose.  Cat’s honor.

MEOW HUMANS!  That’s it for now!  If you have any more Dear Luna questions, please write in!  See you next post!

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  1. Thank you so much for answering my questions Luna and Scott! You’re the greatest Luna! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, Luna, for teaching me the term “lucid dreams”. I too have had the experience of being aware that I was dreaming. I didn’t realize there was a term for it.

    You look sooo…… comfy in mommy’s purple robe. 🙂 Nice antidote to daddy’s scary movie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, lucid dreaming supposedly can be controlled by keeping a “dream journal” and learning about similarities in your dreams, and then recognizing them. I haven’t tried it though. You need to be able to sleep rather undisturbed to practice it, and those days seem gone.

      Luna certainly hows how to get cozy when she wants to get cozy. We sneak upstairs and find her sleeping and grab her, then she’s all for staying sleepy in our laps. If she comes down on her own, she’s got a mission of some sort.


  3. I love these pictures! You cat is quite the character.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Can the person wake up from the dream?


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