Top model kitty in action

ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz…. Purrrpurrpurr….

Luna sleeping on back with feet up in background

Meow.  What’s with this purple robe someone threw on me?

Luna napping under purple robe

Hmmm.  It looks pretty fashionable.  I guess a top model can never rest.

Time to work it.

Luna with head under purple robe

Yeah, check it out.  I just started a new fashion trend.

Come to think of it, that white sweater looks like my style too.

Luna wrapped in sweater with eye squinting

Purrrr…fect fit!

But this stuff is just how a top model gets warmed up.

Luna wrapped in sweater with eyes open

Servant!  Carry me to my photoshoot!

You see, you’re going to see some of the best poses you’ll get from any cat model.

Luna resting head against both legs

I’m the best there is.  You’re going to witness some of the most stunning shots a feline goddess can dish out.

Meow!  Tell me when the cameras are ready!

Are they ready yet?  No?

Luna peeking out with one eye from under blanket

Ah, I see the lights are up and photographers are in position…

Here I go!  Hang on to your seats…

Luna's face peeking out from under blanket

Because this is going to be…


Luna modelling close with one eye showing

Yeah, that eye.  It’s the eye of the housecat.

And my dreamy look.  I’m dark.  I’m mysterious.  You want this?

Luna's face up close looking down

Or what if I just…

…lick this paw to the music.

Luna up close licking hind paw from behind

Slurp two three four, slurp two three four.

Spin, and…


Luna's eye showing with face masked by darkness

What’s there?  Is a cat looking at you?

Slurp two three four…

Luna up close licking hind paw

Slurp two three four…


This cat still SEES you!

Luna's face up close and dark

But now let’s bend reality!

What’s going on?

Luna's chin facing one way and her hind paw facing the other

There’s only one top model here.

Luna, why’s that foot the wrong way?

Luna facing Luna closeup

I don’t know, Luna!


Sleepy face!

Luna up close sleeping

Holdin’ it… holdin’ it…


Let’s crank those bad girls open!

Luna modelling close with eyes half open

No, wait.  They don’t want to stay open…

Luna's side of face up close

Meow.  Please carry me back to the sofa.

Final pose…

The furball!

Luna curled up tightly with butt against back of couch



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  1. Awww.. she doesn’t need a special setup to be a model. She’s always a model.

    Happy Holidays to Luna and her humans!!

    Liked by 1 person

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