The snuggly stalker

Well, Luna USED to be a stalker, but not so much anymore.

No, wait… there she is, on the sofa behind my computer chair!

Luna napping on sofa behind computer chair

She generally does follow me around.  Especially if I hide.  Sometimes she lets me rot in my hiding spot, but usually she’ll come looking for me.


She likes being surprised, so often I’ll try to hide, and use the shadows from the light behind her to tell me when she’s near.  Then I’ll jump out!  But if I don’t jump out in time, she’ll rush toward me, go up on her hind legs and smack the wall with her paws, then run off.  It’s her time to hide.  Unless I’m not willing to play… then she’ll eventually come to find me again.

But it’s not all just play.  You see, the ASPCA, from where she was adopted, labeled her personality as “Personal Assistant”.  That means she was going to hang out with me and “help” with whatever I’m trying to do.  If I’m at my computer, programming, she’ll be in a convenient spot on my lap…


… or even on my belly.  This shot was from when I was working at home, with a broken bone in my foot.  I had a really rough day trying to navigate Manhattan on crutches, and even re-injured my foot trying to hail a cab.  Luna didn’t care what shape I was in.  Sweaty too.  She just saw me on a chair and decided I was part of the chair.  When she’s not so sleepy, she might man the touchpad instead, however.

If I’m cooking, she’d make sure I trip while grabbing a plate.  If I’m soldering something on a circuit board, she’d be right alongside me, with her safety goggles.


Okay, that last one was a bit of a stretch…

But sometimes, she’ll just outright interfere with things… like the recent picture I was taking for a photography contest, where I set a keyboard on my computer chair and angled it to get the right lighting.  In comes Luna…


And it’s not like it was just to swing by and say hi…luna_interfere_2

And then there was the other recent incident, where I was taking pictures of icicles, and … there was Luna, wanting to jump out the window and see the icicles for herself…

Luna looking cute trying to get out window

And that was just in the past couple of days.  As long as I’m around the house, Luna’s going to be nearby, investigating what I’m up to.  It’s a personal assistant’s prerogative to do so, you understand.

But… there’s one exception.  Luna has been known to prioritize heaters over humans.  There is a small in-wall heater in our upstairs bathroom that is the perfect size for Luna, and she loves it so much that we put her own little box in front of it.  She’s been known to spend two to three hours at a time in front of it:

Luna curled up in box in front of bathroom heater

But I’m sure she’s wondering about what I’m up to while she’s there.

It’s possible that a lot of this “loving following” is because I’m her main opportunity for consumable goods.  She’s definitely making her presence most known around dinner time, and also later at night, when I get her to jump around a bit in exchange for some treats.

Sometimes, I need a break from Luna though… so, I have to improvise.

Luna wrapped in blanket with only face showing

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  1. Ahh, but I could really get out if I really wanted to, really!

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  2. Adorable!

    Creature #1 likes to be wrapped up like a burrito. Kidlet started that but I have been mean and not really done it yet.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’d get a lot more action if you rubbed tuna on your legs. Just sayin’.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a cutie!

    Our Gorgeous has recently become glued to my husband. He is a formerly feral cat that wouldn’t even let us touch him for the longest time. He’s only been an indoor cat for a few weeks. But if my husband is sitting in his chair, Gorgeous is in the chair with him. No matter what!

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  5. I have a personal assistant, too! Included in his duties is food tasting. It is a rare meal that I get to eat without him trying to eat before me.

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