The Sun God’s holy mission

Guys, is this thing on?

Luna stretching paws handling camera

I don’t see the blinking light.  There’s supposed to be a blinking light on this thing, right?

It is on?  We’re live?

Luna stretching both paws straight out

Meow, then!  Good job, guys!

*slow clap* Purr!

Luna stretching paws slow clapping

Okay guys, we’re ready to start!

Positions, everyone!

Luna waving hi on back with paw out

We’re set?  We are?  Meow!

Three… two… one… and…


Luna unconscious wrapped in blanket


*lights flip on*


Luna wrapped in blanket sideways with only head showing

Not waking up.  I don’t care who you are.


Meow? What? Who are you?

Luna closeup on blanket sleepy looking forward

I’m so sleepy.

Rrrr!  What is that glorious sunbeam I see streaming from the window?

I’m getting in position.  Wait for it…

Luna with side of head pressed down on blanket and eyes wide

Wait for it…


Luna near window in light, looking up

O glorious Sun God, what do you ask of me?  How may your furry disciple serve you?

Meow?  It can’t be!  Anything but that!

*faint* *thump*  Zzzzzz….

Okay, I’m awake again.

Luna on back with head tilted and hind legs up

Well, this is no good.

I can’t believe the Sun God would ask this of me.

Luna closeup leaning far to left looking left

I don’t know if I’m strong enough.

Let me ask you.  Could you… imagine…

Luna closeup leaning to left looking straight forward

A cat worshipping a god that asks her to fast?  To fast until she achieves enlightenment?

How can I not eat?  I’m the Little Chomper!  I’m all about food.

Luna on top of tree on side looking forward

I need enlightenment fast.  I will surely die.

Perhaps that is what is meant for me.  The Sun God wishes for me to die.

I guess there are too many other cats in this world.  There is no room for me.

Perhaps I need to become tinier.  Let me try…

Luna curled up tight in cat tree

Must hold breath.  So tiny.  Think tiny.  Think tiny.

No, this cannot be it.  No matter how much I squish, I always unsquish.

Enlightenment.  Hmm.  Scott is always staring at things on his computer.  Like that french toast recipe he found.  I think he learns a lot from it.

Luna on bed, curled with head down against paw

Perhaps if I am one with the computer, I will gain such knowledge.  Perhaps even … enlightenment!


Okay, now let me get close to this computer.  Must be one with computer.

Luna curled up with leg pressed against monitor

Meditating, meditating….

I think I see something!  The Sun God is communicating with me through this computer!

Side headshot of Luna curled against monitor with leg in between

I see such hypnotic, supernatural colors!

No, wait… nevermind…

Closeup of Luna pressed against monitor with leg in between

It’s just a screensaver.

I wonder if “enlightenment” is the Sun God’s silly pun.

Luna getting foot tickled while on back

Maybe he just meant that when I ate less, I’d be lighter.

But the Sun God has never betrayed my trust before.

Please pick me up and take me to my thinking box.

Luna held in flying position with one paw backward


Off we go to the thinking box!

Ah, here we are.

Luna in box in front of bathroom heater with one paw on edge

My favorite box, right near my personal heater.  I love my thinking box.

So what could he have meant by enlightenment?

Luna curled up in box in front of bathroom heater

I must find my one true purpose in this world.

You know, this is pretty obvious.

My one true purpose in this world has always been, and will always be one thing, and one thing only.

Luna in box in front of bathroom heater


Time to eat.

Luna with french toast

Scott, say goodbye to your french toast.

Meow! *chompchompchomp* Purr!

Ah, that was a good meal.

Luna cozy on bag on table

Hello again, O Sun God!

I have achieved true enlightenment, having eaten a lot of french toast!

Now I am sleepy and will rest in your divine warmth as I digest this last supper you have provided me, before Scott finds out and feeds me to coyotes.


Luna on table sleeping with face facing camera


And now for Luna’s end of post commentary:


Like, meOWsers!  Thanks for reading, guys!  Just wanted you guys to know… I didn’t really eat Scott’s french toast.  Despite how good his french toast is, french toast is not good for cats, and neither are coyotes.  If actually given an opportunity to eat the french toast though, I would have.

I wanted to give a big shout-out to Chanelle Hayley, who featured my silly blog on her not-silly blog.  Purr!  If you found my blog through hers, welcome my new fur-free friends!

Also, wanted to give a shout-out to Dan Holliday, who really loves pussy – cats like me! =^.^=  The big softie checked up to see how I was doing.  I had a bit of a catnip addiction, and had to check into a clinic for a couple weeks.  I think I’m over the withdrawal symptoms finally, because now I have a lot more catnip.

And last, but not least, a shout-out to Deepthi Amarasuriya, who has been quite a supporter of my website, and posts comments that really want to make a cat keep blogging!

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  1. Omigosh the modesty tail in picture 10 slays me.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww… Luna supplicates to the Sun God?? I though she wants all deities to worship Her.

    Thanks for the shout-out, Luna’s slave.



  3. I think, after the first of the year, or your nap,whichever comes first, you should consider running for political office. I’c vote for you!


  4. A thinking box huh? We had a thinking rock.
    Luna for President!


  5. Luna needs some Kitty Hooch premium Oregon-grown catnip… (Penny-approved!)


  6. Reblogged this on Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions, by Author~Catherine Lyon and commented:
    YES, . . . I know this is not about Books! Put as a CAT LOVER I just could NOT resist to SHARE!! *ENJOY* *Cat* Ha Ha!


  7. Hello Scott,

    What? a cat in rehab??? LOL. I just had to rebogg this post on my blog!! I’m a cat lover to, and this is the cutest post I’ve seen in a log while… 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your awesome kitty’s with us! And I meant to say But not Put… LOL. I’m a new fan!

    Author, Catherine Lyon 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Don’t make fun. She needs as much support as any other recovering addict. Unfortunately, she’s still addicted to food, attention, and sleeping on things that we need (chairs, keyboards, etc). Glad you enjoyed my latest post. Luna puts up with a lot of camera time because she wants to make people she’ll never meet, nor wants to ever meet, smile each day!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Of course I was NOT LOL, making fun. You know I know a wee bit about recovery 🙂
        It’s great that she is getting the help she needs XO
        which makes you my #1 Cat/Pet owner 🙂

        I have two little one’s, Miss. Prissy Princess 7mos and Mr. Boots 6mos, and they are a HOOT 2gether! First time we have gotten 2 kittens together. They just love each other, play, eat, and nap together. If I can learn more on how to use my webcam, I’ll share some pic’s!!

        *Catherine* 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Just when I think the internet cannot take any more cute cat pictures, I stumble upon this hand-full of adorableness!

    Liked by 2 people

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