Luna and the disembodied tweet

Heehee!  Purrpurrpurr!  That tickles!

Luna getting tummy rubbed

Tickling my belly reminded me that I’m hungry. Bring me somewhere to eat!

A little cramped here, but it’ll do.

Luna held with paws over arm

Meow!  Put me down near the window.  I think I hear something.

It’s starting to get cold.  I’m going to need my blanket.

Luna under blanket near window from far up

Now what did I hear?

Could it be?

Luna under blanket near window from far up

I think… I heard a tweet!  Let me see if I remember how to do this.

Luna under blanket near window close from side

I will pretend to be a tiny bird, and tell it to come to me, so I can eat it.

No bird yet.  But it sounds like a bird!

Luna under blanket near window with one eye showing

Surely if there were a bird, I would have eaten it by now.  There must be another explanation.

I heard the tweets.  You heard the tweets…

Luna under blanket near window looking up

But if it’s not coming from a bird, then what is it?

I must solve the mystery of the disembodied tweet!

Luna on floor looking up to right

Let me think…

What is the first step in solving such a mystery?

Luna in box looking to camera lit from side

Maybe I should list out the evidence.

No, that seems pointless.

Luna close up facing front


What will help me solve this mystery?

Luna's eyes and nose looking to left

I know what I need!

A detective costume!

Luna with watson moustache

Meow!  Not quite enough though…

One last addition.

Luna with watson moustache and monocle

Check out that monocle.  Purrrrrrr…

But seriously, let me think.  Tweets, but no bird…

Luna with head to side giving sly look

Maybe there is something hidden somewhere in the house that will provide answers.

That would involve searching.  Cats aren’t known to expending effort…

Luna looking down from bed

…but it looks like I’m gonna have to make an exception.

Where to look where to look where to look…

Luna closeup and darkened looking mostly forward

I wonder if it’s a cricket pretending to be a bird.  That would be so mean of a cricket, to do this to a cat.

If there’s a cricket, it’d probably be behind the dryer.  I once saw a bug behind the dryer.

Luna sitting in kitchen

But if there were crickets in the house, I probably would have eaten it by now…

Any crickets in here? *Sniffsniffsniff*

Luna behind dryer

I can’t believe there’s not one single bug back here.  It’s so dirty!

Okay, so if this is the only place a cricket could be, then where else?  I’ll search the pantry.

Meow!  There are wires next to the cupboard.  This would explain everything!

Luna near plugs

I deduce it’s a device playing a recording of a cricket imitating a bird!

This would explain why there is no bird outside, and no cricket in my belly.

*Opens door*

Luna caught investigating cupboard

I can’t believe this.  Not a single friggin’ cricket recording.  In the whole cupboard.

What else can sound like a bird?  A whoopie cushion?

Luna on chair under table

No whoopie cushions on any of the chairs.

I’m SO running out of ideas.

Luna laying in dark box

I need more clues!  But where do I find them!


Usually I find interesting things in Scott’s sock drawer.

Luna at base of tall dresser

This dresser here contains many interesting things, you see.  You may think it’s just clothes, but no.  It is the constant target of my curiosity.

Let’s see what’s in this sock drawer…

Luna entering drawer from top of dresser

Birds, crickets, whoopie cushions…

I think it’s all in here!

Luna wedging herself into drawer

Umm, my mistake.  Just socks.

I need to learn more about the art of investigation.  Time to hit the books.

Luna sleeping in books

Purrrpurrpurr.  ZZzzzzz…. snore.

Ahhh, that was refreshing.  But how’d I end up here?

Luna in blanket looking left

Meow.  This is awfully cozy, believe you me!  I must have been removed from that work area I fell asleep in.

I guess humans actually read books, rather than just sleep on them.

Luna in blanket looking to camera

Wonders never cease!

But I have to figure out where those tweets are coming from.  I need to THINK like a bird.

Maybe if I viewed the situation from the perspective of…

A bird!

Luna on top of office chair

I’m flyin’ around, flyin’ around, flyin’ around,

Makin’ tweets, makin’ tweets, chirpin’ away.

How can the cat not eat me?

Luna on cat tree at window with bowed back

I’m missing something obvious here.

Meow.  I think I get it.

Luna from high in tree top looking toward camera wide eyed

If I were a bird, I would not want cat saliva on my feathers.

I’d probably not fly over if it were a cat asking me to come over.

Hmmm… that wasn’t a very good mystery I’m afraid.

Luna taking careful step out of tree

People are gonna be pissed at me after spending so much time reading this.


I should hide.  BYE!

Luna jumping through hole in tree

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  1. This was very cute! 🙂

    My son (human, not cat) hates the Twitter notification on my phone because it does sound like a bird. It doesn’t go off often so when he hears it he gets thrown off for a minute or so.

    The cats, on the other hand, don’t even care 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww….. cute, but a bit scary to imagine where her exploratory tendencies coupled with her contortionist abilities might get her into.

    Liked by 1 person

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