Netflix tips from a grimalkin wannabe

Meow! Help! Let me out of here!

Luna looking cute trying to get out window

Must jump out window!



Luna sleeping while squished into blanket

No, must escape.  Meow… window… zzzzzzz…

* poke *

Luna sleeping on blanket with forepaws high up near nose

Blocking with the cute paws! You will not wake me up.

Now go away.

Closeup of Luna with forepaws up near chin

I don’t care if people want to see me.  Now let me continue my traumatic dream.

… jumping out the window, jumping out the window… purrpurrpurr…

Luna squished on blanket with butt and tail showing

Okay okay, I’ll wake up.  Just flip my butt the other way please.


Good to see you again, after the holidays!

Luna looking at camera while showing back of hind legs

There’s one thing you humans have in common with us cats in the winter.  We both stay indoors and watch a lot of TV!  But, for whatever reason, Scott cancelled the TV service.  So I have no TV service.

Hey!  I’m upset!  Put on that sweater so I can stay cozy and feel better.

Luna wrapped in sweater

I’m in “grimalkin” mode, you see.

Do you know what a grimalkin is?  It’s an old, evil-lookin’ female cat!  We have a word for that!  How cool is that?

So this grimalkin watches a lot of Netflix TV and movies.  Scott has good taste, and I’m going to share some recent picks with you!

Luna on shark jaw with forepaws crossed and hind leg on head

What is this, the jaw of the shark bed under me?  Okay.

So have you seen Marco Polo?  I really like the camera work.  They put a crazy amount on set design too.  Top notch acting.

What, you don’t think a cat appreciates good acting?  But you think it’s normal for cats to appreciate camera work?

Luna squished with nose near hind legs

Meow. You appear a bit silly to me.

Here’s a gem we found.  Black Mirror!  Cats love British TV shows.  Have you seen Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock?  I like Benedict.  But Black Mirror… is something else.  Each episode plays out as its own unique, dark scenario, in its own unique, dark world.  It’s a box of chocolates of nightmares, and usually with some sci-fi mixed in.  I’m hoping when I’m a scary ol’ grimalkin, Black Mirror will still be cranking out new ways for cats and humans to be disturbed together.

Oh, crap, I need to take a shower.  Hope you don’t mind.

So, speaking of sci-fi…

Low shot of Luna licking paw to right

You do watch Dr. Who, right?  It’s on Netflix.

*lick* *lick* *lick*

Oh, and there was a cool sci-fi movie, Snowpiercer, that I recommend.  All of humanity on a train, and as the movie progresses, you discover more about what’s on this train.  Fresh concept, and it keeps you guessing!  Except about where the cats are.  I’m sure the cats, in this post-apocalyptic world, are well to do in a warm palace situated very far from the miserable train.

Scott got me to watch a couple of Avengers of S.H.I.E.L.D. episodes by the way.

Low shot of Luna licking paw to left

He says it’s written better than he expected.  I kind of got into it.  Looking forward to season 2.

Meow!  And what about Orange is the New Black!  More good acting.  Interesting scenarios.  Very dark.  A TV show you can sink your claws into.

Finally… paws are all clean.

Luna squished at opening of shark mouth

Don’t you hate how it takes so long for the next season of a show to appear on Netflix?

By the way, I would love to hear the “can’t miss” suggestions that you think a grimalkin and her caretakers would enjoy.

Squished Luna with chin on squished shark sideways

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to watch the next episode of Black Mirror.


After this nap.

Squished Luna with chin on squished shark


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  1. The best distraction from a mani/ pedi is a movie.



  2. Holy crap, that’s an absurd amount of cuteness to cram onto one memory card. Nice photography, good captures.


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