Favorite things!

I am a turkey meatball!  Rolling around on the plate!  So tiny and juicy!

Luna very tightly curled on side on blanket covering face

No!  Luna!  Don’t eat me!  All hope is lost!

Meow.  I was dreaming.

Luna on side on blanket with paw over face and ear folded

It was so awful.

I should be nicer to turkey meatballs from now on.

Luna on side on blanket with nose tucked near paw looking up at camera

Hey, you.  Come closer.

Ya know what else I like?

Luna on side on blanket with nose tucked near paw looking up at camera close up

I like blue cheese.  Really strong blue cheese.

Cannot get enough of it!

Luna curled up tightly on blanket with nose showing

Love my smelly cheese!

But I’m not all about food, you know.

Luna's head resting upside down over foot close up

I like little bugs too.

I like to squish them between my feet!

Luna's head tucked between two feet

Squirm as they may, they cannot escape!

But I don’t need little bugs, as long as I have …

Luna on side on blanket with feet turned upward

… my catnip.  I cannot begin to describe what catnip does to my furry body.

It’s incredible.

Luna with head against back of sofa looking at camera

But my favorite thing ever?

You really want me to tell you?

Luna on back on blanket with one paw hanging looking at camera

You really want to know?

I hope you have some time.

Luna on back on blanket with one paw hanging looking at camera close up

Because I like belly rubs.

You had best get started.  The ultra-furry belly is waiting.

Luna on back on blanket with one paw hanging looking at camera close up from side

Pray tell, what are the favorite things of other furry creatures out there?

Luna wants to know.

Luna tucked behind knee with head between legs and tail

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  1. Little valerian pillows are the favourite toy in this cat-stronghold. And a certain brand of treats. Kessy loves to look out of the window when there are big machines or cars coming around – FunTom likes bird-tv. And being caressed on his head. Kessy likes playing with ribbons. And going to the vet. Just kidding – that is the one thing my two most definitely hate.

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  2. Portia and Pandora (both Siamese) love being brushed. A lot. They weren’t crazy about it until I got a zoom groom–a rather odd-looking brush but it get the extra fur off of them and they’re crazy about it–but now they demand their brushies. Last time I went to bed without brushing Portia she walked around the house yowling. Portia loves the catnip pillows I make for her. She carries them around the house and talks at the same time. A cat talking with its mouth full makes some interesting sounds. Pandora loves toys on strings. Actually, she just wants the string. She ignores the toy on the end of it. We also have an outside stray cat who adopted us. Her name is Brunhilde and her favorite thing in the world (aside from her food dish) is to sit with me on the retaining wall and have a snuggle.

    If Luna doesn’t have a zoom groom you should get her one.


    • Very cute! Especially the catnip pillows. We just got Luna high again for fun. Paws pressed into the floor with wide-eyes. Fun to be able to legally drug such an expressive creature 🙂 And the zoom groom seems interesting. I might get one. We have a furminator, which Luna has a love-hate relationship with, and it seems a little harsh at times.


  3. Convey her some belly rubs from me. 🙂

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  4. I love Luna’s mind as well as her insane cuteness – ha!

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