The shadow monster


Luna on back on blanket with paws tucked in and feet up to side low angle


Wait.  I’m awake now.  I hear something.

Luna on back on blanket with paws tucked in and feet up to side and one paw stretched up

I think they’re back.

I am going to enjoy this SO much …

Luna on back on blanket with paws tucked in and feet up to side

… because it’s …

… Food-shoppin’ day!  Purr!

Luna sprawled on floor near grocery bags

This is going to be so much fun!

Okay, they finished unpacking the food.

Luna looking over a floor of grocery bags

Watch me work!

So many bags!

Luna making her way through a floor of grocery bags

Look at all these.

You haven’t lived until you’ve gotten lost in a maze of flimsy little plastic bags.

Luna sneaking through grocery bags

But where is the way out?

I forget.

Luna prowling through grocery bags

Maybe if I just crawl under that bag there, and dig my way through that one…


Luna all wrapped up in grocery bags with tongue hanging out a bit

I think I finally know where I am.  Time to take a break.

Will nap right here, in this powerful little sunbeam.  Don’t mind if I do.

Luna sleeping on wooden floor with paw laid out toward camera

Purrpurrpurr … So many bags! … ZZZZzzzzz …

What am I feeling?

One-fingered shadow on Luna

My whiskers are being tickled?

But I’m all alone in this sunbeam.  I’m perfectly safe.

Shadow hand creeping on Luna

I feel an unsettling, dark presence creeping over me.

A phantom presence!

Shadow hand creeping onto Luna's face

I’m sure it’s my imagination.

I’m in the protection of my sunbeam.  Nothing can harm me.

Luna's face tangled in shadow

Okay, but this is now getting a little silly.

How can I ignore a phantom that’s all over my face?

Luna awake while tangled in shadow

Why isn’t my sunbeam doing its job?  Quit slackin’ off, sunbeam!

Oh no.  I shouldn’t have said that.

Luna with face lit within shadows and eyes brightly lit

Now the shadow is all over the place!

I might never see the sun again.

I might not survive this at all.

Sunbeam?  Meow?

Luna laying in shadows with eyes wide

Look, I’m really sorry.  Please come back?

Ah, there we go.  Let this be a lesson for all of you.

Luna laying with head on floor looking a bit to right

Don’t you be getting sassy with your sunbeam.

Sunbeams are absolutely essential for a good day’s sleep.

Luna lounging on floor with paw tucked looking at camera

Treat them with proper respect, or else the shadow monsters will eat you.

And now some damage control from the Luna …


Meow all.  Some serious issues have been raised with the inclusion of plastic grocery bags in my latest post.  Plastic bags are harmful to the environment, and reusable grocery bags should be used if at all possible!  And plus, plastic bags are NOT toys, and both cats and children should not be given them to play with, nor left unattended with them.

However, I’d like to assure my readers, plastic bags from grocery shopping are a rarity in my household, but they do serve a greater need.  We have a bag of plastic bags that are reused for all sorts of miscellaneous purposes, and occasionally, that supply runs low.  Those plastic bags eventually get recycled.  We had to restock, and this opportunity was used as some of the inspiration for my latest photoshoot.

Normally, I don’t play with bags.  I used to as a kitten, admittedly, but always under close supervision, and usually only one.  In reality, they don’t excite me at all anymore, unless there is a hand inside one which I can chomp down on.  While the picture shows me having a good time rummaging about in a pile of plastic bags, I’m really looking for a couple of treats that were thrown into the whole mess.  In that way, Scott is rather inconsiderate, as you’d think it’d be better to just give me the treats.  However, he did have scissors very close at hand, in the event that I did flip out and get myself hopelessly entangled in plastic bag handles.  Sadly, cats get themselves in much more dangerous situations through other means, such as crawling behind drawers, or … there’s this picture which Scott likes to include quite often.  It’s not something I’m very proud of …


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  1. You made a mistake in your profile. You said you own a cat. You meant to say a cat owns you.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. This is darling …. but, BUT, don’t daddy and mommy have reusable grocery sacks?

    Liked by 2 people

    • And doesn’t the staff know that plastic bags are harmful for children and cats? Yes, I know Luna is supervised while playing with the bags – but she could get entangled in the handles!


      • The staff does know that plastic bags are a potential hazard for my Luna! Rest assured, Luna does not actually play with plastic bags. Added an extra explanation at the end of the post to elaborate!

        Liked by 1 person

        • You see, while YOU are a thoughtful, responsible cat owner, some other people might be a little more thoughtless and won’t forsee the risks. My Tom once got caught in a handle of a normal shopper (leather) – and panicked! Dragged the bag behind him as he fled from the bag … which increased his panic and he has a heart disease. Under normal circumstances a little panic would not be life-threatening. He was so panicky, he did not even let me come near to help him out. Eventually he freed himself – and from this day on he is even more cautious. And so am I.


    • Yes, we have lots of them! Luna added some explanation at the end of this post to explain.

      Liked by 1 person

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