Luna discovers the cosmos

Meow, Scott!  What’s in this box here?

Luna on top of telescope box with head up looking to right


Where’d you go?

Luna with head up looking to left on top of telescope box unopened with computer in background

We have a Little Chomper post to write!  MeOOWW!!!

I can’t have you storing your oversized garbage in my studio!

Luna with head up on top of telescope box unopened with computer in background

Rotten tuna.  This box is at least twenty times bigger than me, and I just ate a handful of treats!

How do I get this thing open?  I need to know what this is, so I can complain about it more.

Luna on top of telescope box unopened with computer in background

I’m going to totally destroy what’s inside here.  It will be rendered into one of Scott’s oversized disappointments when I’m through with this.

It looks like I can just dig through the crack!

Luna on top of telescope box unopened downward view

Meow!  Scott!  You’re back!  What’s inside this box?  Get it out of here!


Telescope packed in box

Is that what I think it is?

A cat tunnel?

Well I’ll be a mouse’s pookie!

Luna investigating telescope box beneath packing material

It IS a cat tunnel!

PURR!!!  *leap!*

Luna jumping backwards out of telescope box

Set it up!  Set it up!

Stealthy purr!

Luna under telescope packing material peeking out with one eye

He’s setting it up!  It looks so shiny!

Gotta see!


Luna from behind looking at telescope

What … is this?

You say it’s a telescope?

What does a telescope do?

Luna looking at vertical telescope

You can see things in outer space?

Yes Luna, it’s not a cat tunnel.  Instead, you look through the eyepiece and see outer space.  Sorry.

Let me see then.  Let me see why you did not buy me a cat tunnel.

Look here.  This is the moon.

Moon near horizon

It’s a little fuzzy Scott.

There’s chimney smoke blurring it a little, and, I’m taking the picture through the eyepiece.

Purr.  What else ya got, Scott?

Jumper with moon

This is Jupiter.  While you can see four of its moons easily, it’s hard to show more than one moon in the picture.

Here’s closer to what it should look like.


Scott?  Has a cat ever looked at Jupiter through a telescope before?

No, you’re the first cat to do so.

Luna facing camera away from telescope

Scott, this is pretty bad ass.  I think a cat tunnel is cool, but this is also cool.

Luna, I’m starting to get tired.  I’m going to throw out the box and go to sleep.

Meow?  The box!  You can’t!  *pounce!*

Luna in telescope box looking back at camera

You will not touch the box.

It fits perfectly fine in the living room.  Just go to sleep.

Luna in far end of telescope box looking at camera

Sorry Luna.  The box is almost the size of the sofa.  It has to go.

MEOW!!  You… will not take this box.

Luna in far end of telescope box with head down looking up

It looks like I’ll have to throw you out with the box then, Luna.  It was nice knowing you.

Meow?  Let go of the box!  He’s serious!

I’ve been way too annoying of a cat and I need to escape!

Luna in far end of telescope box looking over edge to right

This flap is too high!  I can’t see what’s behind it!

What’s another way out?

Luna in near end of telescope box looking a bit to left

I’ll jump this way!

I’ll escape onto that sofa!

Luna in far end of telescope box looking over edge backward a bit to left


Luna having escaped telescope box onto top of sofa to left

The nerve of him to steal my box like that.

But when he goes to sleep, I’m playing with the telescope more.

Luna on the sofa with her paws out together 1

Purr!  Such a cool telescope!  Purrrrr…

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  1. Ok, now I’m jealous. You got a telescope? I would love to look through one of those. Lucky Luna. She gets all the fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Waiting to see Luna discover the wonders of the universe.

    Scott, you know that comets are named after their discoverers, right? One day she may jump on the telescope and change the settings. You’ll peer through the eye piece, see a hitherto unknown object and report it to the International Astronomical Union.
    Voila! Comet Luna.


  3. Hi Scott and Luna,

    Happy Caturday to you both! I just love this post! I love it when my to kitty’s get into all sorts of things, including box’s. Both my baby’s are now 1 years old. Mr. Boots is now taking those girly thing us woman use once a month, (sorry, but funny) and likes to play with them until I can catch him to take it away. He thinks I’m playing when I do this! YIKES!

    Now Miss Prissy Princess is just a mellow little girl, dark coco brown long hair. And when you look at her, she always has this Surprise Look in her big golden yellow eyes like, “What? What did I do?” they are both so funny around the house together! I just love Luna’s coloring. I suppose your going to make her the next & first “Cat Astronomer?”

    That sure would give CNN a great news story!! Have a great weekend, and High 5 Paws!!

    Author, Cat Lyon 🙂 XO Luna

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, CNN did spend an awful lot of time covering those llamas. I’d think a stargazing kitty is more interesting. And yes, it’s funny how cats have this permanent “look” on their faces. I mean, the obvious example is grumpy cat, but then there’s yours. Luna’s look is a little weird, with her perfect circles for eyes. I suppose it’s a friendly playful look, but really she’s just evaluating how best to get more treats.


  4. Reblogged this on Recovery Journey of Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon "Gambling Recovery Starts Here." and commented:
    Hello Recovery Friends! Happy Caturday! And wanted to share something fun with all of you. Yes, our pets in recovery bring us such FUN & JOY! So meet my special friends, Scott & his side kick LUNA!
    This is a Fabulous Blog Share . . . . Enjoy!
    Author, Cat-herine Townsend-Lyon 🙂 🙂

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  5. O, Luna! Bad human for throwing out your box! But the view into outer space is pretty cool!!! 🙂

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