Luna’s winter trauma

Icicles hanging from roof with sun shining through clouds

Oh look.  The sun is rising.

Luna looking under arm of office chair to right


I’m so bored.

Luna looking under arm of office chair looking sad

So bored.

I’m going to feed myself to the shark.

Luna looking bored in shark with sun streaming in looking to right

I’m being chewed up by the shark.  Oh no.  So horrible.

Really, there has to be more to life than this.

Luna looking bored in shark with sun streaming in looking to camera

Hey, what’s that?

Luna looking out window through screen

Those look pretty cool.

Those icicles.

Longer icicles

Why is one brown?  I’d like to knock the brown one down.  It doesn’t belong there.

Wait a sec.  Are you opening the window to remove the icicles?

Determined Luna trying to jump out window

Meow!!! So exciting!  I want to see!  I want to see!

(Watch Luna watch the icicles… Best if you set it to 60 frames per second!)

No more?  I’m bored!!

Luna on blanket closeup with paws wrapped over head

Let’s see what’s out the other window.

Meow!  I think I see something!

Luna watching deer on snow

Meow!  Four-legged creatures!  They don’t look like me.

They must be dogs or something.

Deer passing by on snow

I must see!  Take me outside!

I swear on my single black whisker that I will end your life…

Luna with foot on head showing off black whisker

… if you don’t put me out in that snow right now!  Me-OW!

Paws of Luna about to get dumped in snow


What did you just do?

Luna stuck in snow looking back

This cold sensation.  This is snow, isn’t it?


Luna hates snow

I hate snow so much!  Get me out of the snow!  AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

My life will end soon.  It was a good life.

Luna with wide eyes and snow on face looking right

In a warm home, where I ate so much cat food.

Death is near.

Oh thank the sun god.

Luna standing on Scott's back as she returns to house

Meow!  I’m rescued!  Take me home, my loyal savior!  Take me home at once!

Ah, this is a warm body.  PURRRRRR.


Luna on Scott stretching legs



Luna curled on Scott in robe

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  1. This was adorable!!! 🙂

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  2. Wow! what an adventure Luna had. I’m so glad she was rescued from the snow!!!

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  3. These pictures are great! I love how truly content she looks at the end — loved this!

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    • Thanks so much for the compliments 🙂 I wouldn’t have bothered with this blog if Luna didn’t make it easy for me. So many times I’ve rushed for the camera, and she holds her pose just long enough! But for a lot of these, I mainly pulled stills from the video 🙂

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  4. Reblogged this on Human Interest and commented:
    Great pictures of Luna!

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  5. Your Luna is just as dramatic about the snow as my Lucy lol

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  6. Awwwww cuteness win

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