The good stuff

Meow.  I just don’t get it.

Luna lying along window looking down stonily

I ate so much of that stuff.

My human parents said I was gonna like it, but it obviously was not worth the money.

Luna lying along window looking down stonily directly at camera

For all I know, they sold me some potpourri from the crafts store.

Wait a sec.  I feel something.

Luna close up backlit by window looking to right

Powerful it has become!  Purr!

This stuff is the best ever!  I really feel it.

Luna crouched near window looking up with very wide eyes close up

Thank you mother and father for this powerful gift you have bestowed unto me.

How can I ever repay them?

Luna crouched near window looking at camera with very wide eyes close up

Wait.  I know.  I need to get them a gift.

I need …

Luna crouched near window looking forward with very wide eyes

… inspiration.

It really does look like potpourri.

Luna wide-eyed looking up with tongue out and up to the right over catnip

Tastes similar too.

Hmmm.  What type of gift do I want to get them?

Luna over catnip looking up with wide-eyes seeming worried

Wait, I know.

Potpourri would be an excellent gift, don’t you think?  It makes everything smell nice.

Luna over catnip looking stern with large eyes

All I have to do is eat more of this.

A little on the dry side, but … it’s so good.

Luna with tongue a little out and head tilted over catnip


Meow.  The polka-dotted protozoans of Fiji are flying into my eyeballs.

Luna over catnip with wide-eyes looking worried to right

I don’t have much time.  I must eat more “potpourri”.

Heeheehee.  I feel stuffed with herbal goodness.  Is this the same as taxidermy?

Luna making funny angry face over catnip

Scott does like natural history museums.

I think he’ll appreciate an exhibit that looks so cute …

Luna looking up with worried face over catnip

… and smells so pretty.


Wait a second.  Now I really can’t move.

Luna laying with head on floor looking a bit to right

No biggie.  I’m cool with it.

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  1. LOL! “The polka-dotted protozoans of Fiji are flying into my eyeballs,” is one of the best lines EVER!
    I’ll have whatever you’re having Luna.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laugh out loud funny!!! 😀 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s hilarious Scott. The Luna adventures are so funny. What is that you gave her anyways? Like catnip or something?


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