I’m not sleepy

Meow!  I can’t sleep!   I can’t sleep!

Luna covering eyes with paws

Why can’t I sleep?

I’ve been up nearly an hour!  Surely I’d be tired by now.

Luna on side on wood floor with eyes open

Let me try sleeping on a carpet.

No, this isn’t working either!

Luna sprawled out on white carpet

I guess I have too much energy left.  I don’t know what to do.

A cat should be able to sleep whenever she darn well pleases.

I’m going to need the help of a human.  I’ll wait right here, where they watch their TV.

Luna on sofa with chin on foot while tail curved

They had better play with me, so I can get sleepy.

There you are Mommy!  This is so cozy!

Luna in arms getting chin tickled

Help me!  I have so much energy!

We’re going to do the paw dance?  Meow!  Meow!  That will work!

That was so much fun!

Feeling sleepy.  Soooo sleepy….

Luna on sofa with chin on foot sleeping while tail curved

Finally asleep!  Do not disturb!

Purrr!  ZZZZZzzzzz…

Warned you.


And now, some after post commentary by Luna!


Meow all!  Hope you’re enjoying your time on the Internets!  But I’d like to say a couple words.

First off, the very first Luna, the Little Chomper graphic novel is purrin’ along!  (the one mentioned here: Luna is publishing a book)  All five stories are done, and the design work is underway!  I hear that the first story is finished!  We’re hoping to have it out the door, available on Amazon, by the end of the month.  Here’s hoping!  We’re trying to get it right!  Stay tuned for progress updates!

Also, the fun part!  I’d like to make a couple of shout-outs, because believe it or not, this kitty has made friends with a few other bloggers that she’d like to recommend!

Most recently:

Harsh Reality – This guy does a great job at supporting the blog community.  He taught just us how to tag our posts properly!

Princess Kick-ass – A spunky thing who I had to claw at a few times before she learned to behave.

Creekview Carol – I found a kindred spirit animal blogger out there.   Unlike me, who lives alone, Carol has quite an intricate life, living with a whole cast of fellow furballs.

Right, I’m supposed to be sleepy!  Purr!  Enjoy your day!  ZZZZzzzzz… (again)

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  1. She’s so ADORABLEEEEE!!! Thanks for the shout out, but that will NOT stop my attempts at stealing Luna’s love Mwahahahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the shout-out!! I’m very honored 🙂 And that hand deserved a good chomp. Disturbing you while you’re sleeping peacefully for their own amusement. Terrible!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes, we cat aficionados cannot seem to let sleeping cats lie. We HAVE to give them a teeny nudge to feel their warmth and see the adorable way they stretch and comfortably re-position themselves.

    Cute pics / videos as always.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Very pretty Luna. It is the body which is not so big.

    Liked by 1 person

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