Keepin’ cool

MEOW!!!  The sun’s been out for hours and the heat is killing me.

Luna on hallway floor lying in corner

Scott locked me out of the air conditioned bedroom again, and he’s sleeping in…


Meow!  Open up you!

Luna on hallway floor peeking under door

Don’t think I can’t smell that cold air in there, you unconscious meanie!

This is taking too long.

Luna on hallway floor lying at door looking to right

Maybe it’s colder downstairs.

No, this isn’t working either…

Luna sunbathing on carpet with paws stretched

I’m sure the sunbeam has nothing to do with it.  Must sleep in the sunbeam when I see a sunbeam.

I’m going to have to figure out how to operate the other air conditioner.

So, are you going to help me or what?

Upward view of Luna on front of AC looking down

What?  Did I get that right?

Forgive me while my “little cat brain” tries to comprehend your uselessness.

Upward view of Luna on front of AC looking down to left

You’re just going to sit there?  You just want to see me be cute?

Oh, oh.  So this is your “entertainment”?

You understand I’m trying to survive here?

Upward view of Luna on front of AC looking at camera

That I can die of a heat stroke?

I’d like to see you wear a fur coat in this weather.  Oh wait, you have an air conditioned bedroom too?

Looks like I’m on my own.

Upward view of Luna on front of AC

Surprise, surprise.  People don’t go out of their way to help cats in this world.

Meow.  I can do this.

Luna sitting in front of AC looking forward and right

I’m sure if I just believe in my furry heart that the air conditioner wants to help me, I will not be disappointed.

Purr!  Dearest A/C!  Shower me with your icy goodness!  I am ready!

Luna sitting on stool in front of AC with ears up

Not feelin’ anything here.

Let me try a more direct approach.

Work, darn it!

Luna gripping grill of AC leaning in

Please work?

Maybe if I push on this really hard… RRRRR!

Luna gripping grill of AC with head down

Still gettin’ nothin’ here.

But wait, there’s some sort of control panel here.

Luna sniffing at control panel of AC

I can just poke this colorful orange button with my nose…

Aha!  I hear it turning on!

Luna licking chaps in front of AC

Why would you ever doubt me?

Now I’m feelin’ it!

Luna with face in front of AC grill and ears down

Purr!  Who needs a cold bedroom anyway!

Not close enough!  Not close enough!

Luna's head in front of AC grill

Purr!  Cat brain entering cryostasis!

Must feel more!  Need more cold!


Luna stretching over AC with chest forward and tail straight out

I feel my belly getting nice and cool.

I don’t know where those nine lives went, but this has to be cat heaven.

I’m going to be here a while, and since you didn’t help…

Luna stretching over AC looking up and away with legs spread

…I’d appreciate some privacy.

But, you can watch another one of my music videos if you want more “entertainment”.

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  1. Cats don’t like the cool – cats stem from the wild cats of Lybia (felis sylvestris lybica) – and they are quite accustomed to the heat. So you pussy, go and lie in that sunbeam as you were meant to.

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  2. Well, Luna, i can’t blame you for seeking the cool. When I bring Toby in from the outside heat he goes and immediately lays down on the bathroom tile floor or in the bathtub to cool off. Keep seeking that cool!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awww. never seen a cat who figured out the AC (at least looked like it did)!

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  4. This is so funny! I think your cat and I would be great friends…lol

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  5. Well done, Luna! Humans underestimate our stick-to-itiveness.

    I have a question: Do you enjoy making those music videos? My LOUD Mom loves “dancing” with my brother, Steve, like that – she finds it quite amusing. But Steve walks away humiliated, hoping none of the Toms in his gang witnessed through the windows. Anyway, I was just curious. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Carol, Luna doesn’t have her own WordPress account, only one on Instagram, so I hope you don’t mind the transcription. “Meow! HISS!” … Luna, I’m just trying to get an answer for a question here… do you like making the music videos or not? “Oh, I do! Except that last stupid one. Please refer Carol to the sleepy dance video. Many cats wrote in expressing jealousy when they saw that video. I don’t necessarily like being made to look crazy, but it’s a price to pay for being around an otherwise loving Mommy. Something about Moms?” Yeah, that sounds about right. She preferred doing her Mom’s “gentle silly” video here:

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I can see why Luna would prefer the this video – it’s a little less, well, bouncy! That’s always Steve’s complaint – so much bouncing!! I don’t know what it is with moms and dancing. I’m just glad they leave me alone. You should see the old lady, Ethel, when they try to get her going!!! I recommend steering clear for hours afterwards.

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  6. Yeah, today all I want to do is pass out in front of the air conditioner!


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