What is the life goal of a house cat?

Melissa Stroud, a good friend of Luna asks, “What is the life goal of a house cat?”

Look, Luna has no LIFE goal.  No cats do.  All they do is sit around and get their bellies rubbed…

or … whatever else they happen to be busy with.

However, cats DO have a goal.  Here’s your first clue:


Why though?

2013-11-02 17.38.27

It’s because…

luna on shower door

Luna does NOT…


have a LIFE goal…


She has a DEATH goal!


And she will achieve death…


By ANY means…



2013-07-29 22.45.24
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  1. What the life of a cat is all about is in the CAT. . . C is for Curious, A is for Attack, and T is for, Trouble! Cat. LOL.


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