Do cats know that they are cute?

Cats know how humans react to them, and they amplify their behavior advantageously.  Cats are certainly manipulative little rodents.
Luna is a particularly good case study.  She only likes play and food.  She has many ways of manipulating us into giving her food.  It’s incredibly difficult to fish her out from under the bed, so she likes crawling under there until we leave her a trail of treats for her to follow.

2013-08-16 23.16.47

But more relevant is her behavior when she wants to play.  Luna is particularly adept at holding all sorts of obscure poses for camera, but only when she has both humans present.

2013-08-16 09.36.03

She’ll stretch and fall into some random cute pose, then just stare at us affectionately and purr, for as long as she has our undivided attention.  She usually gets a fair bit of play after looking so cute.  That inspires her to hold the cute pose next time.  The cycle continues, as the poses just get sillier…

2013-11-14 22.38.17

And sillier…


And sillier…


So while Luna might not know what “cute” means, she does know that she’s entertaining.

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  1. She is just sooooooo adorable!

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  2. Luna is so lovely and seems as an artist 🙂 All my life I had cats… and all of them was different character… Now I have a Princess and right now she is angry with me because I am busy at my desk and she went to hide under the coach!!!!! She doesn’t talk with me…. They know everything, Thank you dear Scott, and give a big kiss to Luna, love, nia

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