What is the life goal of a house cat?

Melissa Stroud, a good friend of Luna asks, “What is the life goal of a house cat?”

Look, Luna has no LIFE goal.  No cats do.  All they do is sit around and get their bellies rubbed…

or … whatever else they happen to be busy with.

However, cats DO have a goal.  Here’s your first clue:


Why though?

2013-11-02 17.38.27

It’s because…

luna on shower door

Luna does NOT…


have a LIFE goal…


She has a DEATH goal!


And she will achieve death…


By ANY means…



2013-07-29 22.45.24
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  1. What the life of a cat is all about is in the CAT. . . C is for Curious, A is for Attack, and T is for, Trouble! Cat. LOL.


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    • Well, to be fair, Luna doesn’t attack unless you’re really asking for it. But she causes quite a bit of trouble around dinner time, until she’s fed.

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      • LOL. My 2 are the same way. Morning or evening, all I have to do to settle them 2 crazy babies is open their can of wet food and they both do the “Happy Dance!” . . . They love their fav food.


        • Their favorite food is *Cat*? Or that’s short for Catherine? I hope it’s short for Catherine.

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          • LOL. Favorite food is wet food! And yes, *Cat* is short for Catherine. Everyone around my Townhouse complex calls me Cat. . . or Cat Lady. I feed all the stray cats around the complex. 🙂 XO

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          • Oh no … all the stray cats? I remember visiting my friend in Georgia once.. she fed the cats regularly. Her backyard was literally carpeted with at least 80 or more stray cats. And many of them were SO cute! But the next time I visited, they were all gone. It was very sad what happened to them :/

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          • LOL. YES, it’s Never Ending! But they can’t go hungry! Not on my watch! LOL.

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          • Well, no one can ever say you didn’t go all-in. I’m just worried if the day comes when something does need to be done about them. It’ll be pretty depressing … start finding homes for them mooches! 😀

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