The heartbreaker

As I might’ve mentioned before, Luna is a heartbreaker. She’s so cute, isn’t she?

Luna closeup wrapped in blanket

BUT… if you ever get the opportunity to meet Luna, don’t expect to be able to pet her. Luna will, unfortunately, swat you on your hand, repeatedly.  *batbatbatbat!*  She doesn’t want to hurt her fans, so she never uses claws, as long as you’re not silly enough to try to pick her up.  You can see her not using claws at all as she’s about to beat down my recently educated friend Mike.


She made an exception for my mother, deciding to leave her hand alone.  Instead, Luna pimp-slapped her across the face.

Of course, after the beat down, comes the HISS…


She’s got a truly bad-ass hiss.  While, initially, I would have preferred her to be much more sociable, I can’t help but be proud of my little Luna.

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  1. In that last picture, Luna appears to pose a hazard. Y’all might want to upgrade your liability policy, lol.

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    • The only damage Luna will cause is emotional damage. Won’t hold up in court, especially after Luna puts on her, “Who, little ol’ me? I wouldn’t hurt a fly!” act, while fluttering her eyelashes.


  2. That’s almost the complete opposite of Penny, who is likely to sniff at a stranger’s hand, then nudge it, and perhaps start giving kissies. (Black cats try harder!)

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  3. It’s hard to believe that last picture is even Luna.

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  4. Shoulda known she was a heartbreeeeaker *moonwalks away slowly*

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  5. Now that you folks are in a new home, you could put up a “beware of cat” sign outside.

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