Luna philosophizes

Why am I a cat?

Luna on book looking forward

What is the reason my consciousness is attached to my furry brain?

Luna on book with chin up and eyes open closeup

And what exactly are we when we’re dead, or even sleeping?

Luna with head to book looking forward

Do we cease to exist when we’re not conscious?

Luna with head to book looking left

And isn’t it amazing…

… that we can freely imagine such vivid worlds with continuous stories in our dreams…

Luna closeup on blanket looking down and left

… while expending absolutely no conscious effort?

Luna closeup on blanket looking forward

The capability of conscious thought is infinitesimal compared to our subconscious minds.

Luna closeup on blanket looking front and left

And and…

Luna in bed toward left looking forward

If you thought really slow, could you see the movement of the moon?

Luna in bed toward right looking forward and down a bit

Another question!

Luna in bed toward right looking forward squinting a bit

What defines beauty anyway?

Luna in bed with eyes half open looking forward

Certainly some of what defines how beauty is perceived is genetic?

Luna closeup near window looking forwarrd

Do cats find sunrises beautiful?

Luna sitting on window sill wide eyed

If not, would we at least…

Luna on carpet with eyes more forward than upward

… find sunbeams beautiful?


Luna with ears back looking up from floor

If dolphins are supposedly so smart…

Luna standing with eyes up and right

Wouldn’t they find their lack of fingers just frustrating?

Luna on table with paws curled looking mostly forward

To have evolved such brainpower, but…

Luna on table with paws curled looking left

…they can only swim around, with those flippers.

Luna looking to left with upwards view

You won’t see them posting comments here, because they couldn’t use a computer, even if it were waterproof.

Upward view of Luna to right looking down

But that’s enough pondering for one day.  Yawn!  Meow.


Luna sleepy on table with paws curled


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  1. Dear Luna–

    Hi. I hope you’re well. I really like that your hooman made you a website. Mine hasn’t done that for me *yet*. He thinks that just because I have my own Facebook page, that that is an acceptable standing. It isn’t. And I don’t want to be inconsiderate, he buys me the best food ever and he gets me kitty treats. I have all sorts of tall things to climb on. I have three litter boxes. It’s nice. . . but I have to share EVERYTHING with these two other guys. They’re so stupid. Boys are dumb. And they have gold fur. Who the hell has gold fur? That’s so 1990’s. Anyway, I really like your website and I think you’re the coolest cat ever.

    Your biggest fan,

    Leela McKitten.

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    • Dear Leela,

      Purr! Thank you for being such a fan! I do agree that lack of a website is unacceptable, but could you imagine life without that “catio”/sun-bathing balcony you have at your disposal? Scott tries to open the windows for me despite how cold it is outside, but it’s incomparable to your feline-friendly resort. So don’t feel too bad. A website is great, but still a consolation prize.

      As for having to share. Yeah, that sucks. Maybe you want to kill them both, and use them as furry beanbag chairs.

      Luna, the Little Chomper


  2. Awww…. she looks so content, yet she philosophizes.

    I see that she has taken possession of the start chart. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. philosophising

    I sit in evenings dim glow
    and contemplate the mysteries of life
    with my cat
    As our minds begin to grapple
    the subtle complexities of infinity
    We realize that pencils on paper
    sound like mice

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