Why is it taboo to make clothing from cat fur as opposed to other animal furs?

When it comes down to it, humans have very personal connections with their cats.  It’s harder to kill your victim when you look them in the eyes first, and believe me, as a society, we’ve looked cats in the eyes:


Are you going to betray Luna’s trust?  Ever since she was a tiny kitten, she’s always wanted to play.  I was holding my breath in this picture…


She was the cutest little kitten!


Since then, Luna has done nothing… other than march her furry little nose into our hearts.  Here’s Luna finishing her supper while chatting with my wife.


Luna, like most pets I’ve seen, has always loved sunbeams.  We lived in the Financial District of Manhattan for 15 months, and Luna hasn’t seen a sunbeam for all  that time.  Now we’ve moved upstate, and have a lot of sun.  Look at her!

2014-08-26 16.50.52 HDR

Sooooo happy!!!!

So it’s our job to keep our little furry friends safe.  Let them tuck in the coziest blankets and have their little snoozefests…

Soooooo cozy!!!!


Or, instead…

we can do this to Luna…

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  1. Scott….. How COULD you envision that, even as a hypothetical? I need therapy after that visual.

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  2. Here is the real question. Would you let good meat go to waste?


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