The Eviction Notice

ZZZZzzzz …

Luna sleepy with nose raised over paw

Purrpurrpurr …

My cozy little cat tree.

Luna in cat tree with sleepy face and paw pressed onto edge

Soooo cozy.  Purrpurrpurr…

Hey, you.  What are you looking at?

Luna looking out from cat tree with nose up and paw hanging out and foot showing

Go get me a snack.

I want a snack!  Get me a snack NOW!

Luna inside cat tree showing teeth with paw hanging out


Meow?  Don’t move.

Luna looking out from cat tree with paw hanging out and foot showing

I heard someone put a sign up.

Does that say what I think it says?

Luna staring with reflections in eyes out from cat tree




Soooo cold… I want to be back in my warm cat tree!

Head of Luna wrapped in blanket

The nerve of them to evict me so unceremoniously.

This box will have to do for shelter.

Luna lying on side in box with paw tucked looking up and to left

This is so much worse than my cozy room in my cozy cat tree.

Meow?  I got a question for you.

Luna lying on side in box with paw tucked looking at camera

Loan me some rent money?  They apparently want rent money.

I didn’t think so.  Since when does a cat have to do anything, let alone pay for anything?

Luna lying on side in box with paw tucked looking to right

Time for me to earn some money.

Hey baby, what do you want me to do for you?

Luna resting head on arm looking at camera with one eye closed 1

A little kneading the shoulders?  A little nose in the ear?

You want me to do WHAT?  You can’t be serious.

Luna awake resting on arm with one tooth showing close up

Rotten tuna.  I’m so nervous.

Do you like me like this?

Luna tucked behind knee with head between legs and tail

You want me to bend WHAT way for you?

Oh, you mean like this?

Luna with face between feet looking at camera

Look, I just want the rent money for my cat tree.  Tell me what to do and I’ll do it.

Meow.  This just isn’t right.

Luna with face between feet looking to right

There has got to be a way other than selling my furry body.

Well, this isn’t so bad.  I can just nap on the computer desk, in the sunbeam.

Luna lying on computer desk looking at camera with mouth lit by sun

It’s quite warm and cozy.  No one will notice I’m here.

Someone is here… I feel their presence.

Luna lying on computer desk asleep with mouth lit by sun

You’re actually telling me I can’t sleep here either.  You’re serious?

But I can’t earn any money!

Luna on computer desk yawning and stretching toward camera

I’m a cat, for meowin’ out loud!

No one’s going to hire a cat!

Luna on computer desk yawning stretching paw forward

Leave me alone!

Meow?  You have work for me?

Luna lying on computer desk peering to left with mouth lit by sun

What do I need to do, exactly?

Fix this?

Luna approaching printer

You think a cat can fix a printer?

I see.  This is the printer that I broke, isn’t it?

Luna looking down into open printer

Fair enough.  I’ll have a look.

Yeah, I remember I wedged my paw into there…

Luna looking down at ink cartridges of printer

… and the paper jam must have killed that motor over there.

Wait, the motor’s fine.

Luna investigating inside printer

I can just nudge it back into place.  *click!*

Why’s it not working?

Luna peeking over edge of open printer

It’s plugged in.  It should print stuff.

I see I see.  A wire’s loose.  *chompchompchomp*

Luna with paws on printer peeking down at hinge

That ought to hold it together.

I believe this is fixed.

Luna looking over edge of open printer with paw on edge

Hey, your printer is fixed.  Can I get my money now?

So… Landlord!  I believe you were thinking I needed to be evicted, huh?

Luna held in arm with two feet pressed against back of sofa

You be lettin’ me back into ma cozy cat tree, if ya know what’s good for ya!  Purr!

No, no!  I was just bein’ cute!  Don’t kill me!

Luna held in standing position with one eye closed

I have the rent money!

It’s in the envelope over there.

Luna held in standing position while looking to the right

I fixed a printer.  A printer that I broke.  So sad.

Thank you!

Luna sleeping on back with paws around arm

Thank you so much for letting me back into my cozy home!

Back in my cat tree.  At least for one more month.

Luna sleepy with nose pressed into paw

Purrpurrpurr… ZZZZzzzz…

And now for Luna’s post-post-commentary!


Meow all!  Quick announcement:

Good news to share!  Scott’s film, Dream State, got accepted into the Big Apple Film Festival this November!  Check out the trailer here, and come see it in NYC if you want to support him in his moment of glory! =^.^=

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  1. Congrats on the film! Also, I’m happy to see rent is paid for one more month!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Most fluffy, beautiful kitty. Congratulations on your film, that is so exciting!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on your film. But you know, Luna is great, so lovely 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

    Liked by 1 person

  4. How do you get such great pictures of Luna? They’re purrfect! …I’ll let myself out.
    But seriously, they’re amazing, and I love the story. And congratulations on your film!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Luna is such a cutie! I think she should be able to “get by” on her looks alone, and not be charged rent. 🙂 Congratulations on the film! I know you must be excited!

    Liked by 1 person

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