If you were an animal, what animal would you want to be and why?

I’ve always wished I could sleep JUST a bit later.  If I were a cat, my life would be greater.

2013-11-09 23.37.20

I’m sure you too are tired, jealous of cats, but Luna can help, and teach us how to fix that.


First, stretch to the side, and use what feels good for your guide

2013-10-18 12.00.31

Then find a lap, and start your nap.


When he’s out of his seat, claim his spot for its heat.

2013-09-12 18.49.50

When the lady awakens, her nightwear is taken.

luna in aliona's blue shirt

Then flop onto a chair, until you’re quite unaware


Or go where the sun beams, until you see dreams

luna on blanket in sun

Find a spot for a snooze

2013-05-18 20.42.04

But lay off the booze.


Squish yourself in nice and snug,

2013-11-09 22.22.25-2

But don’t get lost, like a bug in a rug.


You were meant to sleep all day in bed, just as much as your feet were meant for your head.


Twist and turn, then find that angle, where you’re most comfy yet slightly mangled.

small mangled luna

Then get down to business and enter that coma.  You’re not going to need that high school diploma.

luna sleeping in cat bed with blanket corrected

This is the life that everyone wants.  This is the sleep that every cat flaunts.


But no one can hate cats because of their fur


And they’re cute and cuddly and know how to purr!

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  1. Scott Danzig, Dr.Seuss of kitty life lessons. 🙂

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