The dry nose

Can’t sleep, can’t sleep…

Luna's head resting between feet

This nose has been bugging me!

Luna looking forward while resting head to side

It’s so dry and itchy!  I’m soooo tired.

Luna looking stern from bed

I wish I had moisturizer.  Is there even a moisturizer for cat noses?

Luna on blanket looking at camera

Ugh. I have GOT to find something!

Let’s try the upstairs bathroom.

Luna on staircase looking up

Really?  No cat moisturizer?  There are all these human cosmetics in here.

Luna standing, peeking in drawer

Awfully selfish of them to not have anything for cats.  Let me check behind the shower curtain.

Luna behind plastic

My nose is so dry!  They must keep the cat stuff with the cat treats.  That’s in the pantry.

Luna walking from far end of kitchen floor

Here we are!  I can just wedge my paw in there, and…

Luna opens cabinet

Have a little peek.  Let’s see here…

Luna peeks in cabinet


MEOW! Oh, sir? Do you have any idea where I can find some cat moisturizer? Purrrr.

Luna leaning on shirt, looking hungry

You don’t understand me at all? Meow.

My nose will surely die.  At least I snagged a cat treat.  Time to make a run for it.

Luna looking up, licking to the right

So tasty!!  Wait a minute.  This tongue… It’s wet.

Luna with paws spread and tongue hanging out

Maybe this tongue can be useful?  Let me try something.

Luna licking nose with paws spread

Oh my god.  It’s heavenly.  My nose, after so many years of using cat moisturizer!  I can just use my tongue!

But, it’s still dry on this side…

Luna on post licking to the left


Luna on post, licking to the left with wide eyes

So much better!  My nose is so wet!

One more for good measure!

Luna on robe licking nose

Oh meOW!!

Finally, I can get some REAL work done.  Now where was I?

Luna in tree with legs out

Purrpurrrrrr.  So much nose relief.  Purrrrrrr.  ZZZZzzzzzz.

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  1. That wouldn’t work for Penny. She’d just dry off her nose again immediately afterward by nudging one of her hoomans.


  2. Oh poor Luna… Taking that long to figure it out – oh well – money saved now you don’t have to buy cat moisturizer. And got a treat. Clever Luna.


  3. After seeing this post, My nose started itching.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Discard my Quora comment. After reading this, I fear Luna might put Clinique out of business.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I kind of discovered that myself, which is why I let Luna lick my nose on occasion, despite where that tongue has been. It’s something I just do, and don’t like to think about.


  5. I think this is my favourite Luna post so far. She is so adorable and kudos to you for taking such befitting pictures of her and then spinning a story out of them.

    Liked by 1 person

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