Would you prefer to have a cat the size of a lion as a pet, or a lion the size of a house cat?

I’ll let Luna do the side by side comparison with lions…


Luna here!  My question is, how do you know I’m not already the size of a lion?

2013-05-02 20.23.04

Okay, I’m not, fine, but I’m gonna be frank with you…


Us “house cats” can be just as dangerous as your silly lions, if we weren’t so tiny.


I’ll agree that lions are pretty smart fellers, but so are we!


And we’re fierce!  We got chompers!


But I’m just a wimpy little house cat, right?  Really now?




You see, I might be small, but they call me “Little Chomper” for a reason.  Let me put it to you this way…

2013-11-02 00.05.02

If instead of 8 pounds, I were over 500, do you actually think this foot would have survived?


How quickly I’d be able to tear up your curtains, lion-sized!

luna chomping pink ribbon_brightened

On the other paw, if I were the same size, but a lion, would I be any more dangerous?  Well, I don’t know…

luna with paw over chair arm

A lion in the wild knows how to hunt and kill, but this is a domestic lion, right?  One raised in a comfy home, with the occasional little mouse to chase.  So my owners would still be able to squish me…

luna squished between legs

I could still get strangled…


I could get rolled up like a cannoli!


Or they could just crush my tiny head.

2014-01-04 00.10.29

So in summary, I think I’d be much more worrisome… much mightier… as a massive house cat.  If I were a lion but the same size, I’m pretty sure I’d still get punished for misbehaving.

mangled luna

Can someone repair me please?

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