What are the worst things about cats?

They never think things through.  They have no sense of self-preservation!

Sometimes they eat something bad and need their bellies rubbed:


They go as high as they want without thinking about a safe way down:


Or maybe higher:


Or even higher:


Or even as high as they can get:


They might get thrown out with the trash:


They like self-injury:


Or set themselves up for you to accidentally injure/squish them:


They crawl into places they might end up stuck in:


Or dead 😦

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  1. But they often emerge from their little investigation unscathed, right? Talk about nine lives.

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    • The secret is, cats don’t show pain much at all. When she gets shots, and the needle goes in, she does not react at all. She just keeps giving her angry look. When she falls hard, she gets up and walks around, as if nothing happened. She never whimpers or changes her behavior in any way when you know she’s in pain. Meanwhile, when I hit my head, I shout all sorts of expletives. Hard to fathom how good cats are at hiding when they’ve lost a couple of their lives 🙂


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