The bird with the clue

Ya like this cat tree?  Huh?

Luna about to claw tree

Workin’ the paws.  Workin’ the paws.


Luna clawing at tree

MeOW!  Who’s the bad cat?  Who’s the bad cat!?

Wait… I hear something!

Luna clawing tree while looking out window

What’s is that chirping?


Luna looking at 2 birds through window

I see two of them.  They’re chittering about something.  They found something!

But what is it?

Wait!  Two more!  It must be something really big!  They found…

Luna looking at 4 birds through window


I can’t hear where.  One spotted me!  Quick!  The other window!

*pounce* *flop*

Luna looking fat on sofa looking out window

Oh no… This is not good.

The birds flew off.

Front view of sunny Luna looking out through window

I forgot they could do that.

No matter.  I don’t have a job.

Luna at window screen looking to side

I’ll wait right here till they fly back. Meow!

Crap.  I hear a chirp from the other window.

Upward view of Luna at window

This had better be worth moving my lazy ass.

Okay window.

Luna peeking out over window sill

Show me bird!

Where are you, my feathery little angel!

Luna standing on window sill and chair looking out

Where are they???

Aha!  I see them flying!

Luna looking straight out window through screen

The ones from the roof!  They’re there!

And they’re gone.  Meow.

Luna looking straight out window through screen downward


Luna with big eyes looking up

What’s that I see up there?

Luna watching bird on roof

Psst!  Cat!  Meet me back at the other window!

Ah, now I get it.

Luna looking straight out window through screen a bit downward

They think it’s funny to watch a cat move her lazy ass.

I’m desperate though.

Okay.  I’m here, my tiny friend.

Luna looking at one bird on roof

Please tell me where the treat is?

Luna closeup on blanket looking left

Look cat.  *chirpchirptweet*  We don’t like your kind, but there was one time you made a wish

The most selfless wish any biiiirrrd has ever hearrrrrd.


Bird on roof

So we decided to find this treat for you.  It’s on top of the tall dresser in the master bedroom.

Ernie saw it up there the other day and figured you would want it.  Thanks pal!

*tweet!* *flies away*

I must…

Luna wide eyed near window looking forward

Have this treat.

But I wanted to sleep.  Why does it have to be upstairs!

Luna walking up steps

So many steps…

Luna walking up big staircase

This looks like the right door…

Luna sideways peeking through door


Time for treat!

*chewchewchew*  MEOW!!! That was such a good treat!

Time for nap.


Purrrpurrpurr!  ZZzzzzzzzzz…..

And now for Luna’s end of post commentary:


See, the birds knew I could jump that high.  This just shows that if you eat treats and not birds, the birds like you better.

I’d like to give shout-outs to:

James Schek, for creating a Reddit account just for me

Deepthi Amarasuriya, for teaching me something about stargazing, which would be useful if I manage to sneak outside again.

valencelectron, for adding music to my hissy fit

Dan Holliday and Andrew Stein, for their inspirational exponentially-meta cat videos

Richa Pant, for making me out to be an evil little brute, despite how kind and caring I am… when I’m not biting Scott

Virali Modi, for laughing at my cat puns.  I don’t know if anyone else was laughing at them 😦

I’ll do shoutouts for other readers in future posts!  Meow!

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  1. I get along with birds, Luna gets along with birds, hence Luna’s my best friend!

    Ps. Luna, I like treats too, but human treats.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well Luna, you now know that .. bird is the word! 🙂

    You’re an athlete Luna. I am sure you’ll do great in Cat-o-lympics!


  3. Holy SHIT!!! That jump video was awesome. Luna rocks.


    • Background music fit for a video about an Olympic pole vaulting champion!!

      It’s great that you were there in time to capture this amazing feat on film.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, being there in time after I cleared the dresser top and put a treat up there, yes 🙂


        • I thought that this was sort of choreographed, but then, just because you keep a treat up there, doesn’t mean she’ll decide to go for it right then!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Hey, just a second now. It was not choreographed, past me just putting something up there for her to get. I was expecting to just get her doing a cool-looking jump on the first try, but she had to make it so dramatic, didn’t she?


  4. Glad to see she decided against the electrocution! What was the treat?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Reblogged this on Travels with Mary and commented:
    Great Prose and Cat


  6. I love this photo story! Made me laugh 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! That right there is all me and Luna are trying to do! Well, me at least. Luna was more likely trying to jump out a window and fly like a bird. Good thing for window screens.

      Liked by 1 person

      • They maybe control our minds to spread their messages, stories and photos around the web, there is no other explanation why we do this 🙂 But as it entertains, it’s very good 🙂 My cat is also very excited about birds near the window, it’s probably like cat cinema!


        • There are DVDs you can get, for actual cat cinema. But I work from home, so I never quite decided to order one. I suppose the window is a 3D show, though.


          • Yes, it made me laugh when I found cat movies on youtube, I mean videos with birds… explicitly uploaded for cats. No joke. 😀 But I agree, cat’s ürefer it in 3d… the windows offer just that in very high quality. 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

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