Birthday stoner

Meow.  Looks pretty fresh.

Luna looking down at plate of catnip with paw in catnip

Don’t mind if I do…

Who’s the birthday cat! The birthday cat! The birthday cat…

Luna with paw in catnip sniffing it

Who … is… the birthday cat!  Birthday cat, the birthday cat!


Luna squinting eyes over catnip

This stuff right here.  This is the good stuff.

I assume this is…

Luna looking possessive over plate of catnip

The privilege of the four year old.

So good!

Luna resting on plate of catnip with chin up

I will never leave this plate of divinely powerful catnip!

Purr!! I’ve never felt this good!

Luna curled up over plate of catnip

Can’t get enough!

Soooo powerful!

Luna curled on plate of catnip with head between legs



Luna lying on plate of catnip with wide eyes and chin between paws

I feel dirty.


Luna shaking off catnip


Birthday cats are supposed to have toys!

Luna near scratching post looking up

I’ve waited four stinkin’ years for this birhtday!  Don’t just try to get me stoned!

I want toys!

Meow?  What is this thing?

Luna sniffing robot mouse

What is this?  A robot mouse?  So cool!


*squeak!*  *zoooooom!*

Hey, where you goin!?

Luna twisted while reaching under sofa

Why do all my robot mice get stuck under here?

*nervous squeak*

Oh well.  I’m sure they’ll fish it out.

MEOW!  New target acquired!

Luna stalking toy mouse side angle

Don’t you try to run from me!

*flying squeak!*

No!  You get over here!

Luna crouched while stalking mouse on wire

I like mice, but I have mixed feelings about flying ones!


Git! Over! Here!

Luna grabbing for toy mouse


Oh no you don’t!

Luna standing grabbing at toy in air

*squeak!* *whoosh!*



Luna on hind legs on sofa upholstery grabbing toy mouse with front paws


There is no escape little one.  Four years of training has led up to this moment.

Who …


the birthday cat.

the birthday cat.

the birthday cat…



Luna with paw over mouth to keep mouse toy in front view from right

Happy birthday, Luna, and thank you to all her fans, and especially those who sent her gifts so far: Annie, Deepthi, and Elizabeth.  She hasn’t run so fast after toys since her last birthday, and I personally was very amused by the squeaking mice.  And Luna won’t run out of her favorite treats any time soon =^.^=  You guaranteed Luna’s fourth birthday to be spectacular!  We’ll try to not disappoint with another year of silly cat stories!

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  1. Happy Birthday Luna!


  2. Happy Birthday Luna 🙂 you are so lovely I loved all your photographs but especially with plate and catnip 🙂 you are amazing. Thank you, love, nia

    Liked by 1 person

  3. LOTS of Happy Birthdays, Luna!!!

    So adorable to see her rolling around on the plate!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. But… but.. I like silly cat stories! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmm, that was ambiguous… I meant another year of silly cat stories, but they’re serious stories. Silly ones. Can you have a serious effort at a silly story and call it a serious story? Eh, I’m confused.


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