Promote your blog for Luna

Don’t get me angry!  I’ll bite you!

Luna yawning as she stretches paw forward while resting on sofa

You don’t want to see me when I’m angry!  I can’t stop it!

Grrr!  Nooo!  I’m horribly disfigured!  Angry monster Luna!

Luna making monstrous face as she stretches paw forward while resting on sofa

Franken-Luna HuNgRy!  MEOW!  Wanna eat brainzzz!

No!  No!  Don’t wanna eat brainzzz!  Must resist!

Luna flattened on floor facing away from camera with legs and tail up front

No!  Want cat treats!  But must eat brainzzz!

Huh?  What?

Luna reseting on floor looking back at camera with partial foot up front out of focus

Oh, it was just a dream.

But we must take precautions.

Luna on floor with chin down and one eye lit up as she stares at camera

So you must not make me angry.  At all costs.

It was such a horrible dream!

Luna on floor looking up with big eyes and one ear back

Being that ugly monster…

I’m too pretty to be a Franken-Luna.

Luna on floor on side with wide eyes and paw out of focus up front

But how can you possibly keep me happy?


Luna on side on floor with wide eyes and mouse to right

What is… that?

Oh god, it’s that annoying mouse I chewed on last week.

Luna on side on floor with wide eyes and mouse in front facing left

Squeak!  Squeak!  I know how to make you happy!

Meow?  I thought I got rid of you.

No!  I live!

Luna on side on floor with wide eyes and mouse in front facing right

Okay, so how do you propose to make me happy, when you’ve already disappointed me by your existence?

Read other people’s blogs!  That will make you happy!  Squeak!

Luna on side on floor looking at camera and mouse in front facing left

I do like reading blogs.

I suppose that’s it then.

Anyone out there listening?

Luna with head outside window and ears pointing outward

I need you guys to tell the Luna about your blog, in my comments section please.

This is urgent you know.

Luna with paw and chin resting on table leg looking at camera

You must not just link to your blog, but you have to tell me something about it.

I’m not very picky with my reading material…

Luna with paw and chin resting on table leg looking left

I have so many interests, like birds, and food.

But I will not tolerate laziness.

Luna with paw and chin resting on table leg looking at camera facing camera

Why should I read your blog?

Tell the Luna something about it!  Share it with the rest of the class!

And let everyone else know too!  Please reblog this if you can!

Luna resting on floor with eyes bright yellow and chin on paw

Purr!  This is going to be sooo cool!

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  1. Luna is just too cute! If she’d like to do a guest post on our Saturday rota please do let me know. 😉

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  2. I cannot recommend my blog with my conscience intact, as it is in German, has now and then be dealing with food but mostly with boring human things like politics (mainly local), books, theatre and music … really, it is as boringly human as it sounds, Luna. The only post dealing with my cats was one with a message from their litterbox … Other cats go lazy and use their humans cameras – mine pee into their litterbox and I know exactly what they want to say. Mostly P*** off, sometimes, Life is sh.. and rarely I get a ❤

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  3. Franken Luna is adorableeee! So happy Jason is back! : D

    You know all my blogs : P

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  4. Ah Luna, your prose is poetic and almost lyrical and you look so thoughtful.
    I couldn’t possibly torture the poor readers out there by mentioning my blog. There are enough people in therapy as it is. 🙂

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  5. Reblogged this on The Daily Blabber and commented:
    Luna is looking for new reading material. Post in their comments about your blog, and don’t forget to leave a link WITH your description.

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  6. Luna you are so beautiful and lovely but your human is great too in photograpy about you 🙂 Thank you, blessing and happiness to you all, love, nia


  7. Luna! do you read my blog? I’m a dog – do you mind? I’m a little dog – so maybe you can think of me like weird cat. I live with 4 felines but only Toby is obnoxious – oops, I mean, smart enough to show up in my blog (but only occasionally). If you don’t mind seeing pictures of a dog check me out!!!


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