Luna’s Daddy got made fun of

Meow.  I’m very upset right now.

Luna high up on bed with head between hanging legs

I don’t wanna talk about it.

Just leave me alone.

Luna on bed sleeping with head between hanging paws


Okay, wait, wait.  Come back.

Luna on bed with head between hanging legs

I do wanna talk about it, but it makes me very upset.

My Daddy got publicly humiliated today by a mean person on the Internet.

Luna on bed with head behind hanging paws and eyes open

Scott read something bad about one of his online friends, Jason.  A very angry dude was saying was bad things about Jason, and Scott wanted to find out why.

The guy was just all over the place, and the evidence provided didn’t seem bad, so Scott asked for more.

Luna on blanket looking at camera with paws crossed at right angle

Let’s just say it got ugly.  The guy immediately started resorting to personal insults.  Scott wanted to have a mature conversation, and even offered to buy the guy lunch.  But then the troll actually attempted to write a trollish comment on my website.  My little home where I like to tell stories.

At that point, Scott knew it was time to move on.  The guy was clearly irrational.

But then…

Meow!  Now I definitely don’t want to talk about it!

Luna on blanket with paw wrapped around head and feet near camera

My Daddy and I are only online to make friends with people, and here was someone throwing around insults and typing “LoL” and trying to ruin it for us.

Fine, I’ll show you.

Luna on blanket with one ear under head and eye half open looking at camera

He posted a picture.

He Photoshopped Scott’s face, along with his online friend, into a goofy picture.


So because Scott didn’t figure out the entire history of what this troll’s complaint was before writing a second comment, he is now Jason’s mindless pretty fairy.  I must admit, the outfits ARE kind of cool.

But still, just look at that smug troll over there.

Luna peering angrily behind defocused troll

He sits there, saying whatever he likes about people.

I hear that crazy troll has lots of blogs and tens of thousands of Twitter followers!

Luna wide eyed behind troll

Meow!  He is a troll not to be messed with.

Get to close to him and…

iceland 911

The troll will get you too!!!

The nerve of that nincompoop, making fun of Scott like that.

Luna with chin on paw on blanket giving angry look

Mess with him again and I’ll show him what “Little Chomper” really means!

But then… maybe he’ll make fun of me too?  Meow?

Luna on sofa behind scratching post with wide eyes

I don’t want to be made fun of!  I’m just an innocent kitten.

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  1. Scott, please don’t take what people say on the internet personally. Don’t even expect some of it to make sense. There are a lot of seriously unbalanced, angry, paranoid, racist, sexist, blah, blah … people out there whose only venue for self expression is the internet. If this makes you feel any better, a female journalist recently wrote that any woman who posts a comment stronger than something along the lines of “I like Special K cereal” is fair game for hateful comments, including rape threats.

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    • I definitely am not taking what he said personally, but apparently I should keep my interactions on a shorter leash. The other one commenting, “Yaya”, seemed to have a better approach and managed to end it in time. I just wanted to figure out what he was saying. Oops. The rape threats do not make me feel better though. Such awful people lurking about!


      • Oh, and Luna’s comment that you were “publicly humiliated” is not at all true. The troll made you look good and succeeded in humiliating himself, not you. (And there is nothing at all wrong with your grammar and usage—says the person who at one time taught a grammar and composition class in the Navy. You write very well.

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        • Oops, I put this on the wrong thread and it doesn’t seem possible to move it. Sorry.


          • WordPress’s comment system is not so impressive 🙂 But it’s fine. Thanks for the compliment about my writing by the way. I saw his point about my grammar, where the sentence could be ambiguous, but in context it’s quite clear anyway 🙂


        • Thanks. I admit to some of the post being tongue-in-cheek/over-dramatized, as part of Luna’s character. The post was more a declaration of standing up against this behavior, and to spread awareness of it. I haven’t seen a troll like him since the AOL Online days.


      • Yes, after I wrote it, I realized that was not the correct choice of words. What I really meant was, that it seems to be much more common for women to be leery when posting on the internet because any strong comment could result in a vicious response, and just because of your gender, you are spared some of that feeling of constant vigilance.


        • Yeah, there’s certainly no lack of hate to go around, certainly women included. If you want me to back you up on anything though, let me know! 🙂


          • Maybe if I get to visit Luna, you could tell her that I’m a zero on the “threat level”.


          • I know this is kind of late, but I remembered it this morning. Hope this helps give some perspective.

            Several years ago, I got called “bitch” in another forum when I refused to engage at a personal level with a male forum member. That was the only time in my life that epithet has been used on me.


  2. Sorry to hear about this Scott. Some people have serious issues.

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  3. Reblogged this on HarsH ReaLiTy and commented:
    LOL! I personally loved your comic strip like post! Hilarious! Don’t worry he makes fun of me daily. We can hug it out later if you want man. 😉 -OM
    Note: Comments disabled here, please visit their blog.

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  4. Sorry someone was rude, but this is hilarious! Good job!

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  5. Don’t let this guy get you down, Scott!

    (Look on the bright side- you just earned yourself a follower!)

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  6. Scott, another perspective, if I may…the troll hardly won. You attempted to talk through his insults, but he was too immature and unevolved to have the remotest clue. Rather than lowering yourself to his level and giving the reprobate what he wanted (attention and a chance to spew venom) you stepped back, like any intelligent adult would. I’m quite certain the world this failure lives in is far from as gratifying as yours. It’s pretty obvious, we’re all just placeholders to this guy. He’d just as unheedingly insult Buckminster Fuller, the Pope, or absolutely anyone within range of his ire. In drawing back, you deny him the sociopathic pleasure of the degradation he loves to shovel, while at the same time, maintaining your humanity. As unpleasant as it must have felt to be insultingly dressed down, look at the source….a broken toy with an insulting talk box without any merits of its own. Something certainly beneath MY contempt! You won this skirmish by conversely maintaining your humanity. Go take a nice hot shower and wash the remnants off of you. And pet Luna (for me too.) –Ted

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    • Yeah, I give everyone a solid chance to amend their ways before I turn the page. Some just haven’t learned what basic decency gets you in life. He seems very content having no activity except Jason visiting to go back and forth with once in a while (a Joker/Batman thing?), claiming that millions will hear him on Twitter. I’m not sure who owns those 40k+ accounts following him, but it can’t be anyone who really cares.

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  7. Aww… poor kitteh. Ignore the haters. Nothing but trouble.

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  8. Hey littlechomper, no worries!!
    Scott is doing great already, and you should be proud of him.

    Scott, internet is surrounded by mean trolls. Let’s not feed them.

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  9. Aww.. this totally got me. I don’t even like cat’s that much, but shit that face is adorable.

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    • Totally get why some people can’t stand cats. Honestly, it’s night and day when you own one. They generally “don’t put out” otherwise, like dogs do. But thanks for bridging that gap for us at least =^.^=

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      • Yeah, my roommate has one and it warms my heart how my dog gets along with him.. They’re quite the pals, and i think he’s super weird and adorable..


        • Cats are definitely random though. Luna would not get along with the mentioned canine. And I so wanted a cat that is sociable. The best I can do is this blog :’)

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          • Well my dog was waaaayyy more interested in him at first, and he didn’t really care at all for a few weeks or a month even.. Thankfully I’ve got a persistent pup and the cat has since been worn down.

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          • If only I had that opportunity. Would make for a nice blog entry. No, whenever Luna encounters another animal, I have to write it up as an “evil nemesis”. 😦

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          • Aww, bummer. I wonder at something smaller than her, like a puppy or kitten.. or maybe something more off beat like a platypus or turtle, I’m interested in that interaction…..

            Liked by 1 person

          • I thought platypuses were fairly dangerous, no? I’d like a turtle, but I’m afraid I might get bored. Turtles only do so much, so just having Luna jumping around a turtle and writing about it…would get a little repetitive for the readers too. I don’t think there’s anything in the lease against turtles though. But either way, if it’s too small, then Luna might..umm.. squish it.

            Liked by 1 person

          • Not sure about them being dangerous.. if you’re on the fence about a turtle probably not the best thing to get, they live forever! Porcupines are wicked adorable, too, and their spines are really soft when they aren’t poised for attack.. although, I suppose not the best thing to introduce to a curious cat.


  10. Awwwww…. such a sad story

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  11. I love this little kitty! And so worried about his Dad. Pooh on all the mean people – they suck!!

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  12. I can’t imagine how anyone sane could find fault with you or Luna.

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  13. Everytime I look at that guy’s thread it makes me angry. He proves my theory that you can’t ration with irrational people. Sorry you got dragged down by him, but Luna and all your followers love you 🙂


  14. How can anyone be mean to such a cute kitty is beyond me. What a douche. 😥

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  15. I agree with others that you came across as calm, rational, and polite. He came across as petty, irrational, and self-righteous, not to mention rude. And when he said your grammar was bad, he actually should have said usage, not grammar. He is either satire impaired or actually has a problem with concrete thinking, which is not uncommon in certain mental illnesses (schizophrenia, for example). So maybe he is ill and needs to see his doctor. He certainly does not come across as sane. (This is not meant to be insulting to the mentally ill. I have had problems with depression myself.)

    We love you and Luna. This story is the perfect troll (non) food.

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    • Thanks for the compliments! I don’t think he’s an idiot, but something’s not wired right over there. Jason seems to be comfortable with the situation, but I hope it doesn’t go the wrong way. As for your own history, I know it’s no solution, but will offer a cute cat story on request if you ever need one.


  16. I think you should give Luna a couple special treats for the incredible insight being shared. You deserve your own compliments being as how I think you’re the one transcribing Luna’s comments. Very seriously a fun read. And the photo’s are killer right-on-center. Nice work!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Marcus 🙂 I think I’ve been fine-tuning my Luna-transcription technique, and cat photography, for well over a year now. Glad you enjoyed it, but no, Luna will not be getting extra treats. We just put her on a diet. I think she needs to lose half a pound.


  17. What a shoddy Photoshop job that troll did. The faces don’t really fit, the lighting angles are all wrong, and you can see some white edges where he did a bad cutting the faces out.

    You should totally redo that picture and show him how to do a *good* job of Photoshopping people into pictures.

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    • Yeah, what you’re talking about… that could be the most humiliating part of this whole ordeal. I put so much work into my pictures, while he’s wiping his ass on his keyboard to churn out this garbage. I suppose he’s not aiming for a graphic design job though.

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  18. What an asshole!!! Sorry, but that’s what this troll is, plain and simple. And how dare he, Mr. OM is awesome! Your daddy did well Luna! And you’re adorable as always ❤
    You know, in the end, we gotta pity the troll. I mean, how horrible must his life be, if that's all he does with it?

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  19. Loved the 1st few poses of Luna, a very photogenic cat, and great read! 🙂

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