Litter rip!

Meow meow!  Come on, I’m next on stage!  Finish up!

Luna peeking in door

C’mon, I see it’s all set up!

Luna on floor looking up and to side

I can’t wait!  Look at me, a cat!  Doing comedy on stage!


Luna from above in kitchen stretching

I’m so giddy!!  *dances* Dee da dee deeeeeee!

Luna dancing turned away


Hey, check this out …

Luna with paws over edge of tree top

Hey look!  HELP!  The carrot’s got me!  OW!!

Luna with carrot on eye

Carrot!  Meow!!!


Luna on side yawning with paw stretched out

Pretty funny, ehh?

Luna nearly asleep on table closeup

Ehh?? Funny??

And look, look!  This is my funny face!


Luna closeup on side on pillow with silly eyes


Luna on pillow with nose wrapped by paw

I’m sooo funny!! Prrrr *snortle*

Luna on pillow with paw over nose and foot up

Huh?  What?  They’re asking for me?  Hey, check it… check this out.  I call this…

Luna hanging out of bed to left with paw out

Drooping whiskers.

Luna hanging out of bed wide-eyed with paw out

Meowmeowmeow *giggle*

Luna with head to side and paw stretching up



Luna getting chin rubbed with feet up

Okay, okay, good chin rub, but it’s enough.

I’m ready.  Time to take the stage.  *jump*

Luna on scratching post looking to right

Hey all…

How about that thermostat?  It’s getting a little catnippy in hea!

But let’s turn those brrrrs to prrrrs!

Luna on scratching post looking down at camera

Get what I’m sayin’? Yea?  Hey you!  Whacha doin in the cornah over there, sneaking a catnap?  Ya think I got rabies or something, do ya, ya big pussy?

No, wait, paws right there, mistah.  You stink like a litterbox!  Ya got gas? That’s right, litter rip!

Luna on scratching post with mouth open


Don’t worry, he can take it.  Ya see, we got hiss-tory togethah!  But seriously, he ain’t housebroken at all.  *TBBBBPTTT!!!*

Luna on scratching post blowing raspberry with tongue

I’m just kitten around.  HA, I kill meow! *lick lick*

Luna on scratching post licking paw and pointing

Hey, who’s next?

You? Man, you got some BIIIG hairballs to be volunteering after all that.

Luna medium shot on scratching post looking forward wide-eyed

You were thinking you’d just step right up and whisker away, did ya!?  I don’t think so, beclaws… you’re barking up the wrooooong cattree, you ol’ dog you!

HA!  Oh, this is too much, lemme tail ya!


Rrrrrk!!!  I’m falling!

Luna trying to get up with belly on top of scratch post


Meeee-OW, that was close.  I hope you all had fun tonight, but I’m going back to sleep.

Ah, this is comfy.

Luna on side on cat tree with paw on cheek and foot in front

Wrong cattree.  That was pretty funny.

Luna close up on tree on side with paw on cheek

“Whisker” away!  Heeheehee!

Luna closeup to side with top of head to pillow

BIIIIG hairballs!!

Meow!  HAHAHA!!

Luna on side on cat tree yawning with foot in front


Andandand “litter rip!!”  OMG MEOW!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

Luna on side on cat tree yawning wide with foot in front

Litter rip!

You get it, right??  “Litter” rip?

Luna closeup with head to side on tree looking forward


Luna on top of tree with paw over eyes

Okay, okay, I’m over it.

Luna on side on tree with foot in front

Thanks for watching my act today!  Purrr!  I appreciated the friendly face in the audience!

Luna on side on tree with both legs in front

Thanks so much.  Time to sleep.

Litter rip… big hairballs… heeheehee… prrrrr….

Luna on side on tree top with feet in front


And now for Luna’s end of post commentary:


I’m still catching my cat breath after that one!

Today’s shout-outs go to:

Annie Shepherd, the paw connoisseur!

Tan Eng Teck, for embellishing one of my stories with a carrot truck.

Hot Wheels, for joining forces with me against evil.

Richa Pant, for recognizing that fur beats a dark cape any day.

Juhi Manral, for appreciating a healthy nose.

Cat breath!  HA!  So funny!  Meowmeowmeow!

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  1. Luna! Didn’t know that you are a comedian too!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Fur does beat dark cape after all! Hi five Luna 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Luna looks like a gargoyle in the “Ha” pic, and in the “I can’t wait” pic, her expression reminds me of female figures in pre-Raphaelite paintings.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Definitely agree she seems like a gargoyle in that pic. More of a cuddly one though. Might be extrapolating a bit much with the pre-Raphaelite art, but I think I see where you’re coming from. Luna’s complexion certainly has a similar “glow” to it.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh Luna, you’re adorable, but don’t quit your day job.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Luna’s eyes! So beautiful 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. Her permanent eyeliner helps 🙂 The iPhone actually does really well with close-up cat eye pictures. I’ve been impressed.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, it’s awesome how good smartphones take pictures today. Apart from that, it’s good because we basically have that camera always in our pockets, which is great for snapshots of nice momens.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah… but still, not quite there. That’s why I’m hoping to have Google Glass eventually. Luna gets in such cool poses, when she’s about to pounce or race for something. If I take out the smartphone, she reflexively gets sleepy-eyed. That’s why most of the pictures here show Luna fairly stationary.


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